Kirkland Promises to Move In, While Petition Wants Donovan Out

The big offensive tackle vowed to move into Husky Stadium if it will improve things with the team.
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A siren wailed at Husky Stadium and echoed up the tunnel, to where media members waited to question a few players provided following Tuesday's University of Washington football practice. 

Either that sound meant the workout was coming to an end or, hold on, hold on, did somebody actually score?

Regardless of what it signified, starting running back Richard Newton seemed kind of sleepy as he addressed various inquiries about the Huskies' slow start, while All-Pac-12 offensive tackle Jaxson Kirkland was fairly amped up about it.

It was different styles for different players, who both acknowledged the team's offensive shortcomings in consecutive losses to Montana and Michigan to open the season. 

Newton was asked to address his own two-game performance, which has brought 86 yards rushing in 29 carries, for an average of only 3 yards per carry.

"I personally feel I haven't done enough," the sophomore back said.

Pressed on what he could improve on, his reply probably wasn't exactly what he meant to say.  

"Making something out of nothing," Newton said. 

Mounting critics of John Donovan's Husky offense that has sputtered mightily through eight quarters would argue that the Husky running back's statement couldn't have been more accurate.

As the week plays out, the mounting displeasure over the UW offensive coordinator has become so heated and impatient it almost resembles something out of the opening scene of a vintage Clint Eastwood movie, where a mob takes matters into its own hands.

In this case, an emboldened Husky fan Chris Myers has created an online petition "Fire John donovan," with the lower case D his own making. Explaining his motive, the self-described, long-time team follower indicated he had closely researched Donovan's football track record and concluded that the man should be relieved of his coaching duties two games into a second season, six games overall, before further damage is done to the program. 

"I feel like it would be beneficial for the university and the football program to find a replacement and remove donovan immediately," Myers wrote on his posting. "If you look at what he has done at Penn state and way things are going at the university of Washington. If we don't want to see our program hit a history breaking low. Then urgently removing donovan is a critical measure needed to be taken."

Somewhat animated in his moment with reporters, Kirkland said he hasn't played up to his standards either. Overall, he said there's been a breakdown or two from someone on each play, detail stuff that has disrupted plays and needs to be corrected.

Kirkland said he's been doing extra work. He even vowed to move into Husky Stadium if necessarily to right things.

That, of course, was something similar to what legendary coach Don James did 46 years ago when he symbolically slept in his office after some difficult losses in his first season.

"If it means I have to live in this facility, I'll do it," Kirkland said.

Four days before the next game against Arkansas State, it's an interesting contrast surrounding Husky football. 

Fans are trying to evict the offensive coordinator from the premises while the veteran tackle is promising to move in.

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