Kliavkoff Welcomes Expansion Possibilities for Pac-12

The new commissioner said other schools already have reached out about moving.
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George Kliavkoff, the new Pac-12 commissioner, wasn't all doom and gloom when asked about the proposed moves of Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 to the SEC, and the impact it might have on the college football landscape. 

To the contrary, he welcomed it.

At Pac-12 football media day Tuesday in Los Angeles, he considered it an opportunity to get bigger and better. 

"The fallout from Texas and Oklahoma gives us an opportunity to once again consider expansion," Kliavkoff said.

On the job for just a month, he disclosed that schools from other conferences already have reached out to the Pac-12 and inquired about possible league movement.

Yet pressed by a reporter, Kliavkoff wouldn't confirm a report that Texas Tech has been one of them. 

And so it goes.

In his opening remarks, Kliavkoff stressed the conference intends to do all that it can to strengthen football and basketball, which more often has been left behind in pursuing national championships. 

"Every decision related to football is on the table," he said. 

Kliavkoff noted that the possibility of Oklahoma and Texas moving to the SEC would only enhance the Pac-12 as the lone Power Five conference with teams in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, giving it added exclusivity.

He also said the conference further would consider whether it should continue using a divisional alignment and assess the non-league and league scheduling in place, plus start times.

Also, Kliavkoff said the Pac-12 will examine its forfeiture policy for the coming football season should teams be unable to field teams because of a pandemic outbreak. Last fall, games were simply canceled and replacements sought.

"We certainly have to take the temperature of the country in making these decisions," said Merton Hanks, former NFL standout and now Pac-12 executive.

Hanks said a decision on game forfeiture would be determined by mid-August.

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