Molden Leads Otton to NFL, Follows Him to the Altar

The former University of Washington cornerback matches the tight end by dropping to a knee.

These are big, tough football players.

Yet behind the scenes, some of these Huskies are romantics at heart.

They're guys who would just as soon give you a hug as they would take your head off.

On Monday, the NFL-bound cornerback Elijah Molden tweeted out photos of himself down on one knee, proposing to his girlfriend and getting the answer he wanted, which was sealed by a kiss.

Molden immediately received social-media well wishes from University of Washington football coach Jimmy Lake and his former college teammates and friends. 

This comes roughly six months after Husky senior tight end and pro prospect Cade Otton, did the same by dropping down and pulling out an engagement ring at picturesque Snoqualmie Falls in suburban Seattle.

Otton became married this past winter once the 2020 football season ended, which makes him the only UW player on the team currently entered in wedlock. 

It's not easy being a top NFL prospect, an exceptional college football player and a conscientious UW student, plus a married man, all in one, but Otton thrives in his grown-up role.

Cade Otton proposes and she said yes.

Cade Otton proposes in 2020.

He brightened considerably when asked about his newfound marital status at a post-practice news conference and he was more than willing to discuss it.

"I'm loving married life," Otton said this past weekend. "My wife and I love being married and it's the best decision of my life. I can definitely vouch for it."

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