ASU and UW Aren't Scheduled This Season, But They're Still Playing

Dan Raley

Chad Johnson II put the challenge out there.

On Twitter, over the weekend.

Straight and simple.

Arizona State has the best defensive back in the league.

Want to argue?

The son of the one-time NFL dish-master formerly known as Chad Ochocinco was being verbally competitive himself.

Presumably he was speaking about Sun Devils senior cornerback Jack Jones.

Anybody willing to take him on?

The Huskies' Puka Nacua wasn't going to let this one pass.

His answer, from one wide receiver to another.

He had a candidate.

No, actually two.

The M & M's.

Molden and McDuffie.

As in Elijah and Trent.

Washington's senior and sophomore cornerbacks.

The league's returning first-team All-Pac-12 selection.

And Pro Football Focus' second-team All-Pac-12 pick from 2019.

Molden and McDuffie.

From one pass-catcher to another.

One confident guy to another.

From Washington to Arizona.

From Seattle to Tempe.

From the UW to ASU.

From a Husky to a Sun Devil.

It sounded like a nice debate, a conversation that could extend onto the field.

With Nacua trying to keep up with the Joneses. 

And Johnson trying to get a step on the lockdown Huskies.

Except Twitter is all they have this fall.

The ongoing pandemic won't necessarily keep them apart, though it could close down football for everyone.

No, in this case, the schedule got in the way.

Washington and Arizona State won't play each other in 2020.

Unless, of course, they meet in the league championship game.

For now, it looks like words on social media will have to do.

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