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New UW Coaches Meet with Younger Otton; SoCal QB Decommits

The incoming staff scrambles to tie down recruiting as signing date approaches.

While making the recruiting rounds, Kalen DeBoer now knows the way to Tumwater, Washington. 

However, the new University of Washington football coach can't be in all places at once and won't need to go to La Jolla, California. 

DeBoer on Tuesday visited 4-star tight end Ryan Otton to reaffirm his commitment  and keep the family connection to the program intact, while at the same time 3-star Southern California quarterback Jackson Stratton decommited from the program citing the coaching change.

Otton, the 6-foot-6, 225-pounder from Tumwater High School and younger brother of much-decorated and exiting Husky tight end Cade Otton, met with new UW offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb and DeBoer at his family home. From all appearances, it went well.

"Thank you @KalenDeBoer and @GruffRyan for stopping by. Go Dawgs!" the younger Otton tweeted.

Stratton, a 6-foot-4, 205-pound passer from La Jolla High School, wasn't heavily recruited and chose the Huskies over Nevada, Florida International and Ivy League schools Brown and Columbia.

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"Relationships are important to me and due to the recent coaching changes, I am decommitting from Washington and opening my recruitment and take (sic) the time to build new relationships," Stratton wrote in his post.

He might turn out to be a productive college quarterback somewhere else, but his lack of credentials was one of the reasons former UW coach Jimmy Lake's recruiting efforts were panned. 

It's not clear whether Stratton simply moved on from the new coaching staff on his own or was encouraged to do so.

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