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Odunze Matches Other UW Receivers With Loyalty Pledge

The Huskies' top returning receiver says he's not going anywhere else.

Over the past few weeks, the University of Washington receiver room at times seemed as if it had become the most unstable if not a downright precarious part of the football program.

Position coach Junior Adams resigned to take a job at Oregon. Senior receiver Terrell Bynum departed for USC. Sophomore reserve Sawyer Racanelli transferred to Montana. Freshman signee Germie Bernard asked for his scholarship release and resurfaced at Michigan State.

There were great fears that others who catch the ball might not be far behind them in leaving Seattle and not waiting on new coach Kalen DeBoer to show them his high-octane offense. 

Well, consider that a market correction.

On Friday, top returning receiver Rome Odunze posted a reaffirmation of his commitment to the program, with his pledge following similar ones made by fellow receivers Jalen McMillan and Ja'Lynn Polk, all of them sophomores.

Where these guys once collectively looked like they might let their position area turn into a roster weakness, the Husky receivers have taken it upon themselves to become team leaders.  

Oh yes, they have a replacement coach in JaMarcus Shephard, an extroverted newcomer who arrives from Purdue with fairly impressive credentials and positive reviews. 

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Odunze, in reupping with the Huskies, got right to the point in his social-media post that, yes, this team has struggled, but it wasn't going to send him off in search of something less chaotic. 

"The trials and tribulations that I have faced here have helped shape me into the man I am today, something I will never take for granted," Odunze said. "I wanna (sic) thank all the players and coaches that have influenced me on my journey."

Odunze, who started 7 games and caught 41 passes for 415 yards and 4 touchdowns, concluded his football dissertation with the following promise to fans, teammates and coaches. 

"With that being said, I won't be trading my purple and gold for any colors," he said. "I am all in with the Dawgs. My goals and aspirations remain the same: to win a national championship at the University of Washington."

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