OK Huskies, Where Are You Headed for a Bowl Game?

Sun, Holiday, Las Vegas bowls and more are all possibilities for 7-5 UW team
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The regular season ended in a satisfying manner for the Washington football team, as this video of the Apple Cup aftermath shows, following more setbacks than expected in 2019.

While a Holiday Bowl rep was in town, lobbying for the Apple Cup winner to come to his San Diego postseason game on Dec. 27, that's far from a a sure thing. This likely requires Utah advancing to the College Football Playoff.

Better bets for the Huskies (7-5 overall, 4-5 Pac-12) are the Dec. 21 Vegas Bowl in Las Vegas, the Dec. 27 Cheez It Bowl In Phoenix, the  Dec. 30 Redbox Bowl in Santa Clara, California, and the Dec. 31 Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

So do you want to play before Christmas or after?

These bowl committees could do a bit of horse-trading of teams in order to make everything work.

Either way, the Huskies are headed to their 40th bowl game, carrying an 18-20-1 postseason record. Coach Chris Petersen has a 1-4 bowl mark since coming to Seattle that could stand improvement. 

The UW has been a regular participant at the Sun and Holiday bowls, played once in Vegas, but never appeared in the Cheez It or Redbox games. 

The Huskies have traveled to the Sun Bowl four times, beating Texas 14-7 in 1979, losing to Alabama 28-6 1986, losing to Iowa 38-18 in 1995 and losing Purdue 34-24 in 2002.

They played in the Holiday Bowl four times as well, losing to Colorado 33-21 in 1996, losing to Kansas State 24-20 in 1999, losing to Texas 47-43 in 2001 and beating Nebraska 19-7 in 2010.

In their lone trip to Las Vegas, the UW lost to Boise State 28-26, and Petersen, in 2012.

The Holiday Bowl has an agreement with a Big Ten team this year and then switches to a Pac-12-ACC matchup in 2020.

The Sun Bowl will pair the Pac-12 against an ACC team or Notre Dame.

The Cheez It bowl matches the Pac-12 with a Big 12 team and the Vegas Bowl teams the Pac-12 and Mountain West.

Bowl game selections will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 8.

Once the Huskies play their postseason game, they turn their attention to the 2020 season opener--hosting Michigan on Saturday, Sept. 5., in Husky Stadium.