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Reports say UW Will Add UCLA to Schedule; Pac-12 News Conference at 1 p.m.

Nothing firm has been released by Pac-12 Conference officials, but news conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. today.

No official Pac-12 announcement has been made yet, but it's coming and it appears Washington will add UCLA to its rearranged football schedule that presumably will involve 10 games and conference-only opponents.

This comes amid various reports in Los Angeles that indicate UCLA and USC will meet earlier than expected on Sept. 26 rather than Nov. 21. Bruins Report Online is one of those citing this development.

If true, it means the Huskies and the conference's other 11 teams are moving games around like dominoes, trying to make everything fit. 

The Pac-12 has scheduled an online news conference with media members at 1 p.m. PT today. It is expected that, following the lead of other sports, no fans will attend the games. 

Pre-pandemic, the Huskies had a 12-game schedule set up that involved non-conference games against Michigan, Sacramento State and Utah State, and excluded UCLA and Arizona State.

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With nearly every Power 5 conference choosing to play league games only, to limit travel and exposure to other regions with spiking coronavirus rates, the Pac-12 canceled the outside opponents.

With nine league games lined up, and with a stated goal to play 10, each school appears to be adding one more league opponent. If this continues as expected, the Huskies will face everyone except Arizona State.

By losing the three non-conference games, all at home, it stands Washington will play UCLA in Seattle. The Huskies currently have just four home games remaining from the original schedule against Oregon State, Arizona, Stanford and Colorado.

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