From Marketing Standpoint, Smalls Could Be a Big Man on Campus

Dan Raley

Two weeks ago, Sav'ell Smalls disappeared into that media black hole that comes with being a University of Washington freshman football player. He signed in and reported to school.

That means no interviews.

You won't see Smalls speaking on camera or quoted directly by some print or online organization for at least another year. 

The school prefers to shelter its freshman athletes, and even redshirt freshmen, from all journalistic interactions early on. Each of these newcomers must go through training — the UW doesn't want them saying the wrong thing, handing out their phone numbers or getting too cozy with the fifth estate.

In the case of Smalls, it seems like an unnecessary muzzle. 

From his Twitter feed thoughts and preambles, it's clear the outside linebacker from Seattle's Kennedy Catholic and Garfield high schools is a fun-loving and outgoing personality.

Why not turn him loose?

The worst thing he could do is spark added interest in the UW football program.

When the Huskies won a co-national championship in 1992, players across the starting lineup did interviews since their first year in the program. And they were good at it, too. 

Being confident and well-spoken with the press was a trademark for that highly successful football team, beginning with All-Americans Steve Emtman, Lincoln Kennedy and Mario Bailey.

Has anyone forgotten Kennedy as a 350-pound, 18-year-old kid photographed holding then-assistant sports information director Chip Lydum under one arm as if the guy was just another gym bag?

The loquacious Smalls seems like a prime candidate to entertain ands sell the program and himself. He stands to benefit from the NCAA's lessening of name, image and likeness endorsement restrictions. 

Check out some of his tweets. 

Smalls appears to be handling freshmen orientation and all of the coronavirus limitations just fine. 

Did anyone say national championship?

Smalls agrees whole-heartedly with the UW recipe for success.

The talented linebacker no doubt keeps up on current events.

Such as welcoming new, and old, teammates into the fold at the UW.

Dick's Drive-In obviously is a Smalls follower. And vice versa.

The local hamburger chain might hire this guy as a consultant. Taste-tester. Spokesperson.

As Sav'ell will tell you, it's all in the gold wrapper. 

Smalls also tells you what he doesn't like.

He probably wasn't a fan of Wayne and Garth either.

Don't forget, it's all about the gold wrapper.

Smalls is never too busy to shirk his recruiting responsibilities.

Malik Agbo?

That's lil bro to him.

Hey UW, it's never too late to bend an archaic rule. 

To generate a little excitement.

It wouldn't cost you anything.

Oh, maybe a gold wrapper or two.

You've got a marketing natural wearing jersey No. 17.

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