Scoutlook: Will Freshman Center Myles Murao Be an Early Contributor?

Husky Maven's Trevor Mueller goes in-depth on newcomer Myles Murao.  The Southern California offensive lineman arrived on Montlake with high expectations.  Can he contribute early?
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Nick Harris didn't need long as a true freshman offensive lineman to play for the University of Washington football team. Currently with Cleveland Browns, Harris received spot duty before earning a starting spot at right guard.

Husky Maven's Trevor Mueller examines the similarities between freshman newcomer Myles Murao and Nick Harris. Could Murao could be an early contributor, too?

Size: At 6-foot-2, Myles Murao is undersized for the outside but he projects well as an interior lineman. His 312-pound frame is ideal for the college level.

Speed: In high school, Murao was quick at getting to the second level. He is explosive in run protection.

Strength: Myles has shown his strength against some of the best prospects in the country. He uses his frame to bully defensive linemen.

Feet: Murao’s footwork rates as elite. He is balanced and light on his feet. He shuffles his feet well in pass protection in moving D-lineman around the pocket.

Hands: With powerful hands, Murao gets into the chest of defenders. Once he has his hands on a defender, he finishes blocks.

Football IQ: As an offensive lineman, Murao understands protection schemes. He pulls well and locates linebackers at the next level. He picks up pass rushers and identifies stunts and blitzes.

Scoutlook: Myles Murao is an impressive lineman. As a run blocker, he is ready for the D-1 level. He is a road-grader who is not easy to elude. He is a promising as a pulling guard who punishes defenders. He moves well in pass protection. A knee injury didn’t let him bend as much as desired, but with training he has the ability to become an elite pass protector.

Husky Comparison: Nick Harris

Summary: His ability as a collegian is unlimited. Murao was the No. 2 center prospect in the country for the class of 2020 and will try to live up to it.  

He projects as a center in the line behind senior Luke Wattenberg, who is projected to start. If the Huskies are able to preserve Murao's redshirt, he could be a four-year starter.