UW Bowl Best Bet: El Paso Anyone?

Dan Raley

Elijah Molden perked up when he heard the Holiday Bowl had a scout at the Apple Cup. 

He said a postseason football game in San Diego sounded good to him. He knows the town. People who live there. He talks about all of this on the video.

However, it appears the standout Washington cornerback and his teammates will be headed elsewhere. 

With Utah flaming out in the Pac-12 championship game on Friday night, Oregon appears to be a good bet for the Rose Bowl, the Utes likely slide to the Alamo Bowl and USC could take the short ride to the Holiday Bowl. 

Even if Utah had rallied for a win, by falling behind 20-0 to the Ducks, they likely played themselves out of the College Football Playoffs right then.

The Huskies?

The Sun Bowl, held on New Year's Eve in El Paso, Texas, appears to be a stronger possibility  for the UW, though nothing is certain until all the horse-trading of teams is done on Saturday. 

The other team slotted for the game will come out of a host of candidates from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Teams such as Wake Forest, North Carolina and Florida State could be possibilities.

The Huskies have appeared in the Sun Bowl on four occasions, beating Texas 14-7 in 1979, losing to Alabama 28-6 1986, losing to Iowa 38-18 in 1995 and losing Purdue 34-24 in 2002.

The Sun Bowl has been around for 86 years, making it the second-longest running bowl game alongside the Orange and Sugar bowls--all following the Rose -- and CBS televises it.