UW's Eason: 'Super Proud to be a Husky'

The starting quarterback was a little more animated than usual, both on and off the field in the Apple Cup

Washington's Jacob Eason decidedly took a quarterback backseat entering the 112th Apple Cup, overshadowed by the glossier numbers put up by Washington State's Anthony Gordon.

Eason threw nearly two-thirds fewer passes than his Cougars counterpart once everything took place, but he was overly efficient--and noticeably animated while doing it. Take another look at the image accompanying this story. Eason attempted 22 passes, completing 15, while Gordon launched 62, connecting on 48. Fewer was better. 

The junior quarterback, in what could be his final Husky Stadium outing should he go early to the NFL, was very much the UW leader as he led his team down the field and then sat and talked about the 31-13 victory. 

"We were ready for anything," Eason said. "I'm super proud to be a Husky."

Listen to him on this video clip.