WATCH: Kaila's Keys to UW beating Colorado

Sports Illustrated-Washington/Husky Maven's Kaila Olin looks at three keys to the Washington Huskies beating the Colorado Buffaloes Saturday in Colorado.
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Key 1: Keep the defense off the field by being as efficient as possible.

Jacob Eason doesn’t need bombs down the field and Salvon doesn’t need 60 yard runs to win, they would be nice but it’s not crucial. The Buffalo defense is the second worst passing defense in the conference so utilize that by being efficient, not explosive.

Key 2: There needs to be a good amount of pass rushing.

Colorado is the third worst in offensive points per game and only exceeded 16 points in one of their last five games. If the Dawgs can pressure Steven Montez who has personally carried a win and lost a game for the Buffs, then their night should go as planned.

Key 3: Control the play clock.

The elements are meant to be below freezing come kickoff and 23 degrees around the time the game should end, so if they can keep the clock running, the sooner they get off the field. Elevation will also be a test for the Huskies and if you run the ball and keep the ball moving, the easier it will be to maintain breathing and decrease exhaustion.

My prediction: Dawgs by 17