WATCH: Which Current Husky Football Player is Best Suited to Wear No. 1?

The Washington jersey that bears No. 1 is unassigned. Warren Moon, Reggie Williams, John Ross and LonZell Hill previously have worn it. Who's next?
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One of the most prestigious jersey numbers for University of Washington football remains unassigned:  No. 1.

Hunter Bryant recently wore it as a tight end. The Husky roll call for this digit also involves Warren Moon, Reggie Williams, John Ross and LonZell Hill, to name a few.  

Kaila Olin hosts this week's Dawg Thoughts Podcast, and she and Mike Martin discuss which current player is best suited to wear No. 1.  

They also ponder which other jersey numbers, such as Kasen William's No. 2, Mario Bailey's No. 5 and Steve Emtman's No. 90 are the most prestigious.

They also discuss No. 0 and whether it will ever be assigned to a Washington player. After all, it bears aclose resemblance to the University of Oregon logo.