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Who's Got Most Swagger Among CFB's Coaches and Who Doesn't

Husky leader Kalen DeBoer, known more for his Midwest-principled approach, appears on this preseason list.
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With the season just two weeks away, college football list-makers are scrambling for material like some unnerved quarterback trying to flee the grasp of Zion Tupuola-Fetui and keep from getting sacked. 

Or did you not see the top 50 worst stadium bathrooms (Washington is No. 14) or the worst traveling fans (the UW is 19th)?

Now coming upfield like Giles Jackson looking for a crease to squirt through is Big Game Boomer's top 50 head coaches with the most swagger. 

The Huskies' Kalen DeBoer ranks No. 41.

Now Mark Wahlberg has swagger — as in Bob Lee Swagger swagger in his movie "The Shooter." JaMarcus Shephard has as much swagger as Lake Washington has water. ZTF most definitely has sack-celebrating, yellow-haired swagger.

Kalen DeBoer?

Midwest-principled, hard-working and forthright all come to mind in describing the Husky head coach, rather than teeming with swagger. He's an aw-shucks sort of person, not someone who's necessarily showy. He's a dad rock guy humming alone in his car, not a head-banger in the mosh pit.

Are we wrong?

Husky coaching legend Don James was not someone with a lot of swagger either, or at least he kept it under wraps most of the time. he depended more on a methodical, strong-willed approach to back up his reputation. 

The current UW coach at least seems open to the idea of swagger.

"I have no idea," DeBoer said laughing. "I guess when you win, I think it will help. Hopefully we can go up from there with a few Ws."

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While some people wonder if these lists have any sort of audience, all it really takes is for one well-heeled personality to acknowledge one to give it credence.

In the case of the top 50 coaches with swagger, Deion Sanders, the legendary NFL player and now Jackson State coach, spotted a glaring omission and let the list-maker know about it on social media.


The man forever known as Primetime and who now answers to Coach Prime, publicly weighed in on the fact he didn't find himself mentioned among all of those guys supposedly with CFB cool.

Sanders tweeted the following: "Hey I'm still Alive u know and I can read."

For now, he takes a backseat to the man in Seattle, who would probably give up his unsolicited spot to this Southern coaching peer, if the guy really wanted it. 

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