Road to 1991 Perfection: Barrys Had Overdue Sibling Moment at Stanford

Dan Raley

Jay Barry was the starting University of Washington running back to open the 1991 season. His younger brother Damon, a redshirt freshman, played on special teams and served as a reserve wide receiver.

They were teammates  finally. 

They'd gone to different high schools in Denver, so that Husky game to kick off things at Stanford marked their first opportunity to play football together. 

Jay Barry got his junior year off to a productive start with a pair of touchdown runs in the 42-7 victory in Palo Alto. He had to carry more of the Husky rushing load that day because Beno Bryant was still hobbled by a knee injury.

The older Barry made a lot of stuff happen in '91, but he would be remembered most that season for an 81-yard touchdown run at Nebraska that brought his brother running over to celebrate the moment with him.

However, Stanford had a special place in Damon Barry's memory bank. He made his college debut that day and got to share it with his brother in may ways.

"I committed to go to UCLA, but he talked me out of it to play with him at Washington," the younger Barry said. "We didn't go to high school together. Those were the fun things, to be together, and when I did play wide receiver we lined up together in the huddle."

Today, Jay Barry is a Denver real estate salesman and a developer, and he owns a construction company. Damon Barry is a corporate attorney. Sharing in the video interview are Jay's twins Jay Jr. and Jiselle, who wore RIP Miami and 1991 national championship T-shirts. Jay Jr. likewise is a wide-receiver recruit, who, in another video, tells where he would like to go to college.

Back at Stanford, the Barry brothers made the most of that day together. They were side by side listening to the play called, unknowingly getting their photos taken and the moment documented. 

"We have pictures of us in the huddle that year," Damon Barry said. "My mom was at every game. Those are the things I will always remember in life."

Yet there was one more thing to cherish from that football game at Stanford 29 years ago.

"I caught a five-yard hitch and the first person to tell me 'good job' was my big brother," Damon Barry said. "That's fun stuff."

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