For Eldridge Recasner, It's All in the Family

Here's a Christmas Eve story about a loyal son who left home and did good

Former professional athletes often show up for their outside obligations with an entourage, an agent, even a bodyguard.

They need someone to help them navigate everyday life, assist them in making non-athletic decisions and provide a buffer.

Eldridge Recasner arrived for a recent interview with Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated on a rainy night at a Starbucks coffee shop with someone totally unexpected.

His mother, Joyce. 

While it's certain many of his NBA peers show proper respect to their moms, Recasner carries a special bond with the woman who raised him.

Nearly four decades ago, Recasner left New Orleans and his family behind to attend Washington and play basketball for the Huskies, going off on a great adventure. 

He became a three-time All-Pac-10 guard and a three-time team captain who was headed for the NBA. 

He was a four-year starter for two coaches, Andy Russo and Lynn Nance, averaging 8.4, 17.0, 18.1 and 16.2 points per game. 

Yet Recasner had to go it alone while he made his way on the basketball floor two time zones from home.

"My mom never saw me play in college because we couldn't afford it back then," Recasner said. 

He met his wife, Karen, who gave him a permanent connection to the Seattle area. He's the father of four, now putting each of them through college. His mom visits from Louisiana when she can. 

They can afford it now.

Recasner, who is a Pac-12 Network TV broadcaster and an NBA Retired Players Association board member, finished the interview for this story and said he and his mom weren't done hanging out. 

"We're going shopping," he said as they went out the door.

Watch the video and get to know Eldridge Reasoner a little better. Look closely, and you'll meet Joyce, too.