As the Worm Turns: Isaiah Stewart Draws Early Comparisons to Rodman

As the former Husky hits the backboards hard, an obvious Pistons comparison emerges.
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Isaiah Stewart doesn't have any nose rings, earrings or fur coats yet.

Yet a month into his NBA career in Detroit, the former University of Washington wunderkind is drawing a ready comparison that shouldn't be all that surprising to anyone who's savvy about Pistons basketball.

With a slightly different wiggle, he resembles another Worm.

"He's a guy who's another Dennis Rodman type," Pistons coach Dwane Casey told the team media. "I'm not going to call him another Dennis Rodman. But he has that type of mentality in going and getting the ball. He doesn't stop when you try to box him out. He continues to move and to move his feet."

The 6-foot-9, 250-pound Stewart from Rochester, New York, has shown no fear whatsoever in working the backboards as he gets his chance to play, averaging 5.8 rebounds while averaging a mere 9 minutes per game.

He hears the name of Rodman and even Ben Wallace coming his way more and more as he plays aggressively and shows what he can do.

"I know their names," Stewart said. "Their names are up there in the rafters."

Nine months after playing in his final Husky game as a one-and-done freshman forward, Stewart, still just 19, says he simply approaches the game the only way he knows how.

"To me, it's just wanting it more than the next guy and not being denied," Stewart said. "It's just part of me. It's who I am. If you put me on the floor, it's what you're going to get out of me."

Casey, a former Sonics assistant coach who still keeps a home in Seattle, said he learned about the Husky big man because of his lasting connection to the city. 

He intends to bring Stewart along slowly, or as slow as the rookie permits.

"He hit a three in practice the other day," Casey said. "We haven't even his offensive output yet."

On the boards, Stewart plays a lot like Rodman. 

As for the missing jewelry and wardrobe ensembles, give him time.

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