Myles Bryant Does His Best Russell Wilson to Prepare Pats for Seahawks

Dan Raley

Myles Bryant might be called on to stop Russell Wilson on Sunday night at CenturyLink Field in Seattle

No problem. 

The former University of Washington cornerback recently turned New England Patriots roster addition simply can channel the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. He's already done it once this week.

On Thursday afternoon in the Boston area, Bryant portrayed the Seahawks' Wilson at Patriots practice, asked to scramble whenever the pocket collapsed and throw downfield on the move. 

By all accounts, Bryant gave his new New England teammates a fairly honest portrayal of the mobile quarterback during the workout. 

With music blaring in the background, he threw off balance over onrushing teammates.  He showed off the athleticism that made him a two-time All-Pac-12 second-team selection as a defensive back.

New England has played Wilson-led Seahawks teams three times and lost twice, surviving only Super Bowl XLIX with a last-second end-zone interception.

Bryant was promoted on Wednesday from the Patriots' practice squad to the 53-player roster after getting cut as an undrafted free agent and re-signed before the season opener against Miami.

Similar to walking on at Washington and earning a scholarship, the Los Angeles-area product has landed an NFL job after not getting drafted, but pressing on. If he plays against the Seahawks, it will be his pro football debut. 

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If thats what their practicing against for prep then Ne is screwed.

Dan Raley
Dan Raley


Better check the football pressure today, right?

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