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Decisions, Decisions: SoCal LB Narrows Than Expands College Options

Whether it's a long or a short list, Jordan Whitney includes the UW.
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College football recruiting is confusing enough these days with schools sending out mass scholarship offers and prospects seeking NIL opportunities, but Southern California linebacker Jordan Whitney this past weekend offered a new wrinkle to the process.

On May 14, the 6-foot-2, 215-pound junior from Pacifica High School in beachfront Oxnard announced with a glossy social-media graphic that he had pared his college choices to the University of Washington and Arizona, supposedly eliminating many of his options.

On Sunday, in the space of two and a half weeks, Whitney rearranged his college football options once more. Another posting, another graphic.

This time he "narrowed" his candidates to the UW, Arizona, Boise State, Fresno State and Washington State.

It must be hard to tell people no who have nice things to say about you.

Or quite possibly Whitney realized he has five official campus visits coming to him and he might as well take a long, hard look at each place before locking things down.

The Huskies and other schools largely are drawn to this linebacker because of his elite speed. He's also a Pacifica High trackman. He's swift and aggressive.

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While providing a short college list by May was admirable, Whitney probably did himself a disservice by not waiting to take his allotment of official visits this summer.

At the same time, the Huskies find themselves under no obligation to wait for Whitney or anyone when it comes time to collect commitments as they put together their 2023 recruiting class.

It's all a big shell game.

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