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Huskies Make Scholarship Offer to Texas Quarterback Cade Klubnik

The pro-style passer hails from the same Austin high school that's produced Drew Brees and Nick Foles.

The guy already wears a big "W" on his helmet and No. 6 on his jersey.

Based on those telltale signs, could Cade Klubnik be any better fit as a University of Washington quarterback?

On Monday, Klubnik, a skinny junior from Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, tweeted out that he had received a scholarship offer from the UW for the Class of 2022. 

Get in line, Huskies.

The 6-foot-2, 178-pound Klubnik added Jimmy Lake's program to his growing offer list that includes Auburn, Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, Ole Miss, SMU, TCU and WSU.

This kid hasn't really played all that much at his powerhouse high school, backing up a pair of seniors in the ultra-competitive setting in 2019, but he's got a big arm and everybody knows it.

It's competitive at Westlake High. After all, it's the same Texas school that produced quarterbacks Drew Brees and Nick Foles, both Super Bowl winners. 

Brees, the future pro football hall of famer for the New Orleans Saints, once revealed that he wanted to play collegiately for Washington State coming out Westlake. He was enamored with the Cougars because they had produced a quarterback namesake, Drew Bledsoe, and those Pullman teams threw the ball a lot. Brees reached out to the Cougars coaching staff. Typical Wazzu, it showed no return interest. He wore a WSU hat the whole time he played for Purdue. 

While the Huskies have an open pipeline to Texas recruits -- see Levi Onwuzurike, Victor Curne and Aaron Fuller -- they've never brought in a quarterback from the Lone Star state.

Would Klubnik be willing to come to Seattle and compete with Ethan Garbers and Sam Huard?

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One thing's for sure, the Austin prospect has athletic skills. He can run a little as well as throw. 

Klubnik also is a Westlake High track athlete. He broke a school record with a 40-foot, 9-inch triple jump. He has anchored various relay teams. 

No Husky quarterback has made No. 6 a memorable number since the iconic Sonny Sixkiller wore it in the 1970s while leading the nation in passing as a sophomore and exciting the Montlake masses for three seasons. 

While the wraps are coming off Klubnik, once Texas starts up its high school football season a month late this fall, the pro-style QB will show that he has a whip-like arm that looks college ready.

Klubnik is getting offers thrown at him right and left. While it's exciting for any recruit, it can be overbearing for someone like this high-profile Texas prospect. He recently put it all in perspective.

"It's nice to have offers," he told "And I think they just happen to come, and once one comes, more come and it's nice to have options for when the day comes that I get to choose where to play college football. But right now, colleges aren't my top priority to be honest. I keep in touch with all of them and I keep relationships, but at the end of the day I'm still playing high school football and I've got one job right now -- and that's to go 16-0 next year.

"So me and my teammates are working every day. And right now, all my options are open. No schools are above or below any others."

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