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Huskies Return to St. George, Utah, Talent Reservoir, Offer 2026 TE

Brock Harris has 10 scholarship proposals now after sterling freshman season.
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Amid the red sandstone mesas and assorted rock formations surrounding St. George, Utah, a city not far from the Arizona border, is a blue-chip football player making everything color coordinated.

This would be 6-foot-6, 215-pound Brock Harris from Pine View High School, and already designated as the nation's top tight end for his recruiting Class of 2026.

On Thursday, Harris received a scholarship offer from the University of Washington through assistant coach Inoke Breckterfield, giving him 10 already before he even enters his sophomore year of school.

Others bidding for him are Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Miami, Oregon, Oregon State, Texas A&M, Utah and Washington State.

The attraction to Harris is his combination of size and athleticism at such an early age of development. 

He comes off a freshman football season in which he caught 32 passes for 604 yards and 5 touchdowns in eight games, and Harris did it under extraneous circumstances.

His Pine Valley Panthers team finished 0-9, losing on the average by 27 points per outing.

In essence, Harris was the spectacular peak rising above a suffocating desert floor.

Brock Harris traveled to the UW with his family for a football visit.

Brock Harris from St. George, Utah, took recent a UW spring visit, accompanied by his family.

St. George, a city of 100,000, is located 300 miles south of Salt Lake City but just a 120 from Las Vegas, as three states come together. 

It was once a football launching pad for legendary Husky running back Corey Dillon. He spent the 1995 season at then named Dixie State College, a junior college with a Confederate solider for a mascot and other misguided practices before it was renamed Utah Tech University and turned into a four-year school. 

Dillon rushed for 1,899 yards and 20 touchdowns at Dixie, earned a UW scholarship and spent a season with the Huskies on the way to the NFL.

Of course, this all happened more than decade before the precocious Brock Harris was born.

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