Scoutlook: Owen Prentice, Another Elite In-State Offensive Lineman

Trevor Mueller

O'Dea High School's Owen Prentice is the latest offensive lineman with a big reputation from Washington state over the past several years. From Senio Kelemete to Trey Adams,  Washington pulls in a majority of these guys though not all of them.

Watching Prentice's highlight video above, the one thing that jumps out is his how aggressive he is to the whistle.  Second level, third level, it doesn't matter; Prentice brings a rough approach.

Size: At 6-foot-3 and 295 pounds, Prentice is the ideal size for an interior lineman.

Speed: When getting into the second level or on a pull, Prentice is a scary sight for defenders. He builds momentum and is very quick on a straight line.

Strength: Prentice is someone of great strength who will be able to maul with offensive linemen at the next level.

Hands: Prentice has strong hands and he's always looking to knock a defender to the ground and move on to the next one. O-linemen have a hard time getting away from him when he gets his hands on them.

Feet: Prentice is light on his feet and is always chopping in running plays. He is an ideal pulling guard and front for a caravan blocking on a screen pass. He has a tendency to stop moving his feet on passing plays.

Football IQ: Prentice always looks to block the next defender to spring his running back free. He is good at helping on double-teams and is aware of defenders coming into his gap. He understands blocking schemes well and will be able to pick up the new system when he gets to Washington.

Scoutlook: Owen Prentice has all of the skills needed to become a high-level offensive lineman as Washington. He has the knack for hitting people and the athleticism to get to the next level to open big holes. He has the foundation to learn how to be an elite pass blocker and a well rounded interior linemen.

Husky Comparison:  Senio Kelemete