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Surf's Up: Huskies Find, Offer Intriguing Hawaiian QB

Class of 2025 recruit had a dazzling debut at the end of the season in Ewa Beach.

Tana Togafau-Tavui is a lot like that secret surfing spot in Hawaii that nobody knew about and now everyone does. Waves that break just right. Provides a great ride.

This island kid started three games late in the season at quarterback for James Campbell High School, a place named for a turn-of-the-century Irish stowaway who made his fortune in sugar cane, and dazzled people at times.  

With Campbell slumping while entering its postseason tournament, the coaches turned to the wispy 6-foot-1, 175-pound Togafau-Tavui to run the offense after using him in a variety of positions and have him answer to utility player for his football position.. 

In a 33-14 victory over Waianae, he led the Sabers on four scoring drives, running for a pair of touchdowns and throwing for two more. A star was born.

"To be honest with you, with the football in his hands is when he's at his best," Campbell coach Darren Johnson told "Every time he touches the ball something good, we think, is going to happen."

There will be plenty of time to find out how much Tana Togafau-Tavui, or Triple T, is capable of doing.

Last fall, he was a high school freshman.

On Thursday, the Huskies, no doubt intrigued by the future football prospects for this Class of 2025 recruit, offered him a scholarship, his fourth following Hawaii, UNLV and Dixie State.

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Campbell High is in Ewa Beach, which is 20 miles west of Honolulu, so Tana Togafau-Tavui is not that hard to find.

For his 5-4 team, he finished his introductory stint at QB by passing 40 times and completing 22 for 215 yards and 2 scores, and running 38 times for 160 yards and 5 TDs, scoring 6 in all. He had been used as a running back and wide receiver in games, and worked at cornerback in practice. 

UW defensive-line coach Inoke Breckterfield, a Hawaiian native whose recruiting territory includes the islands, made the offer as he visited and sorted through the local talent. He apparently didn't need all that much convincing with Togafau-Tavui..

"He's a fun guy to watch," Campbell's Johnson said of his quarterback. 

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