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What does NCAA Recruiting Dead-Period Extension Mean for UW?

The NCAA's decision to lengthen the recruit hands-off period until May 31 may actually benefit the Huskies.

College football recruiting for the class of 2022 turned more complicated after the NCAA Division I council extended the recruiting dead period through May 31, removing a critical spring-evaluation period.

Typically, the time slot from April 15 to May 31 is crucial for programs to begin finding and grading prospective players.

"I think it’s another tough blow to the class impacted the most by COVID — the 2022 group," said John Garcia, director of recruiting for Sports Illustrated All-American. "That class has now lost all of the spring evaluation and recruiting opportunities for their upperclassmen."

The council, headed up by chair M. Grace Calhoun, said in a statement that it would review all available information to safely transition to normal recruiting activities by the beginning of June. 

However, the analysts say the University of Washington football program will be helped rather than hurt by the delay. 

Husky Maven's Trevor Mueller envisions the council's action providing an opportunity for the Huskies to secure a key portion of a class in which it has spent considerable  time.

"Washington's offensive-line coach Scott Huff has done a tremendous job with developing relationships with an important in-state, offensive-line recruiting class," Mueller said. "In fact, this is a big opportunity to shore up all aspects of the 2022 in-state class."

Garcia also feels the dead-period recruiting extension might favor the Huskies, 

"The Huskies have a formula that works for finding players that fit the program," Garcia said. "Much of that formula goes beyond the physical measurements that some programs use."

The Huskies signed 15 players in its most recent class and look to take a similar number in 2022.

"Programs tipped their conservative hand with lower numbers in high-school prospect acquisition," Garcia said, "something that can be pushed further as their cycle turns the corner."

Mueller noted howWashington acquired three quality players through the transfer portal and may fortify its 2021 and 2022 classes in a similar manner going forward.

"The end of the dead period coming in June makes it 14 months of no in-person evaluations and very little game film," Mueller said. "Finding film on college players may be a bit easier or a bit more revealing of a prospect's talent level."

The Huskies' scholarship allocation remains the same for the upcoming season because  the UW dipped into the transfer portal to replace receivers Ty Jones (Fresno State) and Jordan Chin (Sacramento State), and quarterback Jacob Sirmon (Central Michigan).

"Because of the transfer portal, Washington won't have to evaluate dozens of prospect film and wait for them to get to campus to evaluate them," Mueller said. "That's not exactly great news for the class of 2022 overall."