Scoutlook: What Jeremiah Martin Brings to the Huskies

Husky Maven's Trevor Mueller breaks down the newcomer's game and what he brings to the program from Texas A&M.

The Washington Huskies missed out on Jeremiah Martin the first time when the outside linebacker from San Bernardino, California, chose Texas A&M over them and a host of schools nationwide. Three seasons later, they finally have him on the roster after picking him up from the transfer portal.

Martin's best year with the Aggies was his sophomore season, when he accumulated 8 tackles, including 3 tackles for loss. 

Size: Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 262 pounds, Martin is an ideal three-down outside linebacker for the Huskies. He has the length of a pass rusher and the weight to defend against the run.

Speed: What separates Martin as a prospect from other rushers is that he is very explosive with his size. He often beats offensive linemen off the snap and can also chase down ball carriers. 

Strength: At 262 pounds, Jeremiah Martin knows how to use his weight to leverage offensive lineman. 

Hands: Martin has very active hands. He uses quick moves to disengage blockers with quick swim and rip moves. In passing situations, he is aware of the quarterback's rhythm and will knock down passes.

Feet: His quick feet make him hard to block. He can set up a move with a quick step in one direction to get a lineman's momentum going one way, then explode the other.

Football IQ: There are two indicators that stick out about Martin's high football IQ. First, he is savvy in passing situations. He is patient when rushing the quarterback, which allows him to get the best angles and enables him to have the opportunity to knock down the pass. Second, he is very good about setting the edge on running plays. He very rarely over-pursues, which leaves no cutback opportunities for runners. 

Scoutlook: Jeremiah Martin has the potential to be an important addition to the Huskies' scheme. His explosiveness and raw athleticism make him a threat for a big play whenever he's on the field. If he can learn the new system and language quickly enough, he can make an immediate impact on this defense. 

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