Will Jarrett Doege Rise to the Occasion for West Virginia?

Jarrett Doege is in a position to propel the Mountaineers past many expectations this season. Is it too much to expect or will the veteran answer the call?
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West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Doege competed at an impressive level last year. The Mountaineers’ QB1 had a few kinks in his game, but with the improvement of those, he can elevate to another level in 2021.

He ended his 2020 campaign within the top five in the Big 12 in almost every passing category - 2nd in completions (239), 4th in completion percentage (63.9%), 3rd in passing yards (2587) and 2nd in passing average (258.7).

Now that we are aware of those numbers, let’s remember that there were a few things that hindered those from being even higher.

Dropped passes plagued the Mountaineers all year long. You could expect at least two or three dropped passes a game, maybe more. Of course, that was something Doege wasn’t in control of. 

The deep ball was a major weakness for the West Virginia quarterback. That is a huge aspect of Doege’s game that must be improved if they want to find more success this year.

Without those dropped passes and underthrown balls, you’re looking at a top two or three quarterback in the Big 12. But as the old saying goes, “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve” - In other words, it doesn’t matter.

With all that said, we’re another year into the Neal Brown era and I believe you can guarantee Doege has improved on many levels of his game. In addition, I have full confidence in HCNB’s decisions. If he believes Doege is the man for the job, then so be it.

The confidence is there. The skillset is there. This Mountaineer team is focused more on a prove them wrong mentality, instead of another rebuilding-type of thinking this year as well. That’s all the ingredients for Doege to have a massive season for the Mountaineers! My prediction is bold, but I expect to see him as a top quarterback in the Big 12 and top 10 in the NCAA.

He’s a veteran and he’s ready to help lead West Virginia to a great season. 

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