Dante Stills Posts Picture of a BLM Sticker on His Helmet

Schuyler Callihan

Over the last few months, we have seen several professional athletes take a stand against systemic racism in a multitude of ways. We have also seen several WVU athletes use their platform and advocate for change.

On Wednesday, West Virginia defensive end and Fairmont native posted a picture on his Instagram story of a Black Lives Matter sticker on his helmet. 

BLM Stills
Photo via Dante Stills Instagram 

This could be a sign that West Virginia will wear this sticker on their helmets for the entirety of the 2020 season, but there has been no confirmation of that as of today.

Most recently, many of West Virginia's athletic teams came together to do a "March for Equality" in Morgantown. WVU wide receiver T.J. Simmons talked about the importance of the march. “We want change in this world, and the WVU Football team is one team who’s promoting change, and we’re trying to figure out things to push for change in this country.”

West Virginia University is ensuring that they do everything they can to help be a part of the change in the country and have continued to do so by supporting their athletes.

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WVU fans have always been faithful and the state does love it's football. However, fans should stay fans, politicians should stay politicians and players play the game. The fans have no clue the environment some of these kids were raised in. They never experienced being taught to duck before you learn how to read. All of these injustices and oppression aren't left at home when they depart for college. It's still in them. So to the fans, either enjoy the game and keep the politics out of it, or find another team that will be passive enough to accept your grievance.


It’s sometimes difficult to understand situations when we haven’t experienced the situation. I am a proud graduate of WVU; however, I faced discrimination while there. I don’t hold any ill feelings, as I blame the individuals. I am thankful for kind, friendly, understanding individuals from the opposite race that I encountered. Those who discriminated simply didn’t know how to deal with individuals and situations properly. I’ve put that behind me & moved on. As a retired teacher, I’ve encountered discrimination on the job, in stores, even in the classroom. I agree all lives matter, but please understand that if all people aren’t treated equally, then all lives don’t matter. We don’t want to be treated superior, just equal. We can all cheer for our Black men on the football field, so why can’t we all support them and stand for their equality in all areas of their lives.our Pledge says, “With liberty and justice for all.” That’s all we’re asking for.


I’m disappointed that WVU will not wear BLM on their helmets. I am a proud graduate of WVU, even though I was discriminated against when I was there. I blame the individuals; however I hold no ill feelings. During my time, I met White people who were very understanding and great people. I, too am a fan of WVU sports, as I have attended several games, as far away as New Orleans, Florida (several occasions), as well as other states. We had tickets to attend the game in Atlanta, but it was canceled. As a retired teacher, I have seen discrimination in the classroom. I’ve experienced it in stores and in jobs. Yes, all lives matter, but if Black people aren’t treated equally, then all lives aren’t equal. We don’t want to be superior, just equal. I understand that sometimes we don’t understand situations, if we haven’t experienced them. It’s ok to cheer for our Black men on the football field, so why can’t we all lend our support for them to be treated equally in all areas of their lives.


I am hoping the Mountaineers rethink the BLM symbol on their helmets, this is state team, always a proud legacy of our beautiful state where we practice brotherly love. All lives matter all fans matter, I hope you will place ALM or nothing at all. Don’t let this divide our state. I am 73 and want to cheer my Mountaineers to victory but I ,along with many others ,won’t be watching if this symbol is forced on us. Please reconsider and stand proud for our flag, there is no better country than America