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Five WVU-Related Features EA Should Include in New CFB Video Game

Throwing a few suggestions out there to EA Sports.

Finally, a college football video game is set to return this summer after a decade-long absence.

A lot has changed since the last game came out such as the transfer portal and NIL becoming a thing, conference realignment, and the College Football Playoff - all of which are expected to be in the new version of the game.

To get a little more specific, I thought of five WVU-related features that I'd like to see.

W-V-U *clap* First down!

One of the easiest things EA can do is to put the first down chant into the game. All they would need is some audio clips of it and voilà, it's a part of the game. There's no copyright or licensing issues that come along with this which makes it an easy addition. It's no different than having the back and forth "Let's Go Mountaineers!" chant. I'm honestly surprised this wasn't in previous editions of the game. This can help bring the WVU gameday atmosphere on the game to life.

Mountaineer Mantrip

The mantrip has become a big part of WVU's gameday tradition. It would be pretty neat to see EA incorporate this into the pregame reel they show before kickoff. Showing the players get off the bus walking through the crowd and giving high fives to folks and ultimately patting the slab of coal for good luck. 

True Blue, Gold Rush, Stripe the Stadium

In old versions of the game, WVU crowds were either a mix of gold and blue or just a straight up gold rush. I find the stripe the stadium look to be aesthetically pleasing and would look amazing on the video game. And if you're going to have the gold rush, you have to incorporate the true blue game as well. This might be asking a bit too much, but it would be even better if you could pick what the crowd theme is for each opponent.

Classic uniforms

I know they would have to coordinate with the school heavily on something like this, but I think incorporating a throwback uniform for every school should be in the game. For me, it's obvious. You give the option to wear the 1988 uniform set that Major Harris donned en route to a perfect regular season and a national championship appearance. 

P.s. this is something WVU should do in real life.

Country Roads

This one might be a little bit of a reach, I know, but hey, one can dream, right? Getting the permission/licensing to use the song would be a headache and another financial commitment for EA that they're probably not willing to commit to. It's a big reason why in previous games they used the school's fight songs for background music. I can bet the house this isn't going to happen, but could you imagine how awesome it would be to hear it after you beat Pitt 119-0 on freshman mode? Chills. 

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