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Pat McAfee Tabs WVU as 'Most Disappointing Team' in College Football

The former WVU punter/kicker is unhappy with the Mountaineers.

Despite last Thursday's win over the defending Big 12 champion Baylor Bears, West Virginia fans are still skeptical of the direction in which the WVU football program is headed.

The fans aren't alone. 

Former West Virginia punter/kicker Pat McAfee is also upset with how things have unfolded this season and really, over the last few years. During a segment on today's College GameDay on ESPN, McAfee was asked 

to pick the most disappointing team in college football this season.

His choice? You guessed it. West Virginia.

"For me, personally, honestly, this is a real thing. The West Virginia Mountaineers have been the most disappointing team in my particular eyes. Because this has been four years in the Neal Brown's 'Trust the Process' and I think they could have taken over the Big 12."

Taken over the Big 12 might be a bit of a stretch, but he's not wrong about there being some level of disappointment. Obviously, there is a lot of season left and what happens in the final six games of the season could certainly change the feeling around Neal Brown and the program but as things stand right now, there's a lot of uncertainty in regard to where this thing is headed.

Entering today's matchup against Texas Tech, the Mountaineers are 20-21 since Brown took the job back in 2019.

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