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Players to Watch for Virginia Tech

A few names to keep your eyes on for this Saturday's game.

The Virginia Tech Hokies will be strolling on in to Morgantown this weekend for the battle of the Black Diamond Trophy. The Hokies come into this game 2-0 having defeated No. 10 North Carolina and Middle Tennessee. 

There are several players that stand out when you watch Virginia Tech but there are three in particular that will catch your eye. 

QB Braxton Burmeister

I try not to put quarterbacks on these weekly articles because everyone knows the quarterback. However, Burmeister is more than just a quarterback, he's Virginia Tech's offense. Sure, they have a few running backs that they like to throw in the mix and they'll toss the ball every now and then but Burmeister carries this offense. In two games this season, Burmeister has rushed for 94 yards and one touchdown on 17 carries and has also thrown for 311 yards and two scores. Tech will keep WVU on their toes with all of the QB reads and RPOs, which means the linebackers and bandits will have to contain the edge and not overcommit. 

LB Dax Hollifield

Hollifield is a sure tackler. He is excellent in the run game and can generate a pass rush if asked. So far this season, Hollifield has totaled 12 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and two sacks. You'll hear his name a lot on Saturday.

DL Amaré Barno

Barno is maybe one of the most active players on the Virginia Tech defensive front. He does a great job of fighting off blocks and bullying his way into the backfield. Barno leads the Hokies with 3.5 tackles for loss and honestly, should have a few more. He is going to present a big challenge to West Virginia's offensive line who had trouble getting push against Long Island last week.

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