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Quick Hits: Using Two QBs, Jaylen Anderson's Arrival, Mesidor Showing Out + More

WVU head coach Neal Brown met with the media Tuesday afternoon to discuss the win over Virginia Tech and preview this week's game at Oklahoma.

Jared Bartlett

"He had a great summer. He had a really good fall camp and then he did not play as well the first two games for whatever reason. He just didn't have a good feel. Then last week, he had a great Tuesday and Wednesday practice. You could see he was getting better. Did I think he was going to go out and have three sacks, five tackles, and a forced fumble? Probably not. But I did feel like he was going to give us more and he did. It's a neat story. He lost a brother this summer to a freak accident and once that happened, tragedy effects people differently but once that happened, he's had a renewed focus - a seriousness about his preparation. I was extremely happy for him that it paid off in a game situation much less in a rivalry game."

Akheem Mesidor

"He's playing at an extremely, extremely high level. Like, he might not show up on the stat sheet sometimes but trust me when I tell you, he's playing at an extremely high level. He's getting vertical push on that pocket, so there wasn't any room for him to move up, therefore Bartlett was able to come around the edge. 

Two QB system

"There's only so many reps to go around and there's very little crossover with these two. It's probably more difficult for the defenses but there's some challenges when you're putting together a gameplan because it's really important that you keep everything for the offensive line the same. That's where the challenge comes in like, okay, how much can you do? How can we present differently to the defense with each quarterback? And how you rotate them within a game, there's a feel to it. Garrett, I don't know if I have a total feel for him in games yet. I thought he did some really good things on Saturday. There's a couple that weren't so good but I thought he ran the ball well. And he can throw it. You know, we haven't asked him to do it as much but he can - he's got a really strong arm. There's a science to it. We don't have it completely figured out yet but we're working through it.

Freshman RB Jaylen Anderson's arrival

"He's here. He got cleared and he's enrolled in school. He started working out last week. This will obviously be a redshirt year for him. So, what we're doing is working towards getting him off to a successful start in school and at the same time, we want to get him to a point to where he can compete in January. He joined our developmental lifting group with the other guys that we anticipate redshirting."

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