Spread & Over/Under Predictions for WVU vs Texas Tech

Schuyler Callihan

Each Wednesday, we will release an article on our thoughts on the spread and the over/under of West Virginia games. The star ratings next to the play describe the overall confidence in that particular play.

Star ratings:

1 Star - Not very confident

2 Star - A little confident

3 Star - Fairly confident

4 Star - Very confident

5 Star - Should be a lock to happen

Spread: WVU -3

2 Star play on WVU covering: West Virginia is playing at a high level defensively and we saw the struggles that Texas Tech had on offense against Iowa State, who also has a pretty good defense. The Red Raiders are making a change at quarterback going with Henry Colombi, but I'm not sure how much it's going to help against this defense. Texas Tech will keep this game extremely close, but I don't see them having enough explosive plays to win the game. I've got the Mountaineers covering the spread, winning 27-21.

Over/Under: 54

3 star play on the over: I know Texas Tech is known as a team that scores a bunch of points, but West Virginia's defense isn't going to let that happen. On the flip side, I don't think the Mountaineers light it up on offense either just based off of what we have seen thus far. Doege will have at least one turnover and it will take a while before those guys to get in their groove in the passing game. The under looks like a real solid play here and that has been the theme with West Virginia games. Seven of the last nine have went under, including 4 of their last six on the road and 7 of their last 8 in Big 12 play.

Our picks vs spread: 2-2 (Thanks to Pooka for messing that up)

Our picks vs over/under: 4-0

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Comments (3)
No. 1-1

The Footsball MOUNTAINEERS; Bad against the spread; Good with the Over. Is THIS the weekend we beat the spread AND the Over??
Yes it is !! Let's GO !!!!

2 Replies


I hope so!
That kickoff return KILLED me!
Of course, I broke a vow I made in 1974.
NEVER bet the Mountaineers!


True that bro. Our MOUNTAINEERS have pretty much made a career of missing the spread or blowing the Over.
"Take the opponents & the points" used to be an M-town mantra back in the day(s) at The Met Poolhall, where Bennie Pileggi used to run a semi-secret book.
MANY good times at The Metropolitan Billiard Parlor.