Ten Teams WVU Football Should Schedule

Schuyler Callihan

With the start of spring football just around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at some teams that West Virginia should consider scheduling in the future. There are a few odd ball selections in here, but that's the fun of it all. 

*Note: No teams that are on future schedules will show up on this list (Pitt, Virginia Tech, Penn State, etc.)

1. Ohio State Buckeyes

It's hard to believe that the Mountaineers and the Buckeyes have only played each other six times. The two schools are only separated by 204 miles and are neighboring states. With the close proximity, it's odd that these two schools didn't develop a rivalry in the "early days". Both programs have deep football tradition and history, why not get these two together?

All-time series: Ohio State 5-1.

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 

West Virginia fans would still like to seek revenge for the 1988 national championship game. The Mountaineers are 0-3 vs the Irish since that game and plus, it would be great for recruiting to get the Irish in Morgantown for a home and home series.

All-time series: Notre Dame 4-0.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

If Neal Brown plans to be in Morgantown for the long haul, this would make a ton of sense. Brown is a native of Kentucky and already has strong recruiting ties to the state. Playing the Wildcats in a home and home or more could help strengthen the Mountaineers recruiting efforts in the Bluegrass State. Plus, it's another boarder war.

All-time series: Kentucky 11-8-1.

4. Louisville Cardinals

Another opportunity to strengthen recruiting efforts in the state of Kentucky and this brings back an old Big East "rivalry". 

All-time series: West Virginia 10-3.

5. Syracuse Orange

The Mountaineers and the Orange have had some good games back in the day and reigniting this rivalry is much needed. The Schwartzwalder trophy has been with the Orange since 2010.

All-time series: Syracuse 34-27.

6. Miami (FL) Hurricanes

Although the Canes have pretty much dominated the series, the Mountaineers do have a couple of signature wins. Most notably in 1993 with the largest crowd in Mountaineer Field history witnessing a 17-14 West Virginia victory. The Mountaineers would finish that season with an unblemished record. 

All-time series: Miami 17-3.

7. Houston Cougars

You know I had to do it. 

All-time history: No previous meetings.

8. Boise State Broncos

Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to make a trip out to Boise to see the blue turf in person. Note: this likely would never happen unless West Virginia leaves the Big 12 due to the amount of travel they already endure.

All-time series history: No previous meetings. 

9. Tennessee Volunteers

Although the two just met in 2018, I think many Mountaineer/Volunteer fans agree that they should get together more often. Two passionate fan bases with similar a blue collar culture and oh yeah, fans that know how to tailgate. Once again, this should be another "regional rivalry".

All-time series history: West Virginia 1-0

10. Florida Gators

West Virginia has played home and home's with LSU and Auburn and have one scheduled with Alabama as well. So, why not try for a series with the Gators? This would create another electric atmosphere in Morgantown as it looks like Florida is back to being a top SEC team.

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No. 1-4

Save the student athletes from all that travel...please.


Take out Houston and Boise State and WVU has the start of a solid schedule for when they go independent....get the hell out of the little 12.


Blue turf gives me headaches. So does Red Bull. Go figure.
South staters will keep cryin' for Mooshall on the schedule. lolz Just say NO.
Crimi-noles are already on the schedule, so we don't really need swamp lizards. We STILL need to learn how to beat BigXII teams like the flatlander dirt burglars, so this is all just off-season conjecture. Whatevs. #HAILWV & GO MOUNTAINEERS !!

John Pentol
John Pentol


This is a good list. I wouldn't mind seeing some games against the Pac 12. Maybe neutral site against USC or Oregon