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What Iowa State HC Matt Campbell Said About WVU

Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell previews WVU.

How WVU has been so competitive this season

"I think this West Virginia team is one of the most talented teams that we've played. I think they're a team that is as up and coming as anybody in our conference. There's a lot of youth on this roster right now but boy oh boy is there a lot of talent. Some of the best skill players in our conference across the board at the receiver position, some physicality at the tight end position, an elite tailback, two quarterbacks that are playing really good football for them, a young but extremely talented offensive line. You flip over on the defensive side and you talk about the experience of their secondary, the guys that have played a lot of football for them. The linebacking corps, and then man, this young, talented defensive line - maybe as talented as any young team in our conference."

Why WVU is a tough place to play - reporter said 'it doesn't seem that daunting'

"Maybe not to you but I think to the rest of us [it is]. I can probably relate enough growing up in that area that the fan base there, the passion that the people and the fans of West Virginia have for their Mountaineers, and being the only show in the state, the only show in town, it's a hard place to play. Their passion, their love, their fanatical about their team makes it challenging. It's going to be a packed house. It's really important to everybody in that state and their families. I think it makes it a really special place to go play college football."

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What makes the WVU running game effective

"I think it all starts in really two areas. It starts with an elite tailback. I mean, you're talking about a guy who a year ago was neck and neck with Breece [Hall] for the conference rushing title. You're talking about a young man who has got elite vision - big, powerful, strong, and can really run. I think schematically they do a really good job. They've got a good offensive line. They've got good tight ends, they're physical at the point of attack and they try to challenge you in every way, shape, and form in the running game."

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