WVU Football Alums, 2022 Commits React to Possible Big 12 Shakeup

Former and future WVU football players are on the same page with where WVU should land in conference realignment.
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It's seeming more and more likely that West Virginia is going to be playing in a new conference sometime in the near future as the Big 12 is set to implode. With Oklahoma and Texas expected to bolt for the SEC, the Big 12 stands almost no chance of surviving, meaning the other eight remaining schools will be forced to find a new conference to join.

With all the craziness that has already gone down and the craziness that's about to go down, I reached out to a few former Mountaineers and a handful of class of 2022 commits to get their thoughts on it all. 

Here's what they had to say:

Former players

QB Rasheed Marshall

"Clearly I think the most obvious choice would be the ACC for a number of different reasons. When you ask around Mountaineer Nation, what’s the biggest gripe about being in the Big 12 (extending far beyond football) the common theme is the travel distance. On top of that, I think the ACC gives you somewhat of a restored Big East type of feel with some renewed rivalries and familiar opponents."

RB Steve Slaton

“I think they are in a good situation now. Hopefully, the Big 12 doesn’t dissolve but the Big 10 might be a good look. I think the way we have been recruiting and the past athletes we have brung in is more suitable for the Big 10.”

RB Eugene Napoleon

"I like the ACC for WVU. It would be the Big East all over again. All of the old rivals are there." 

CB Terrell Chestnut

“My initial answer to all of this conference realignment was that WVU would be alright in any conference. However, the ACC would make the most sense. It is a great conference, the travel wouldn’t be as strenuous on the players and we would be able to clash with some of our former Big East opponents. Not to mention the Backyard Brawl would be back on! The ACC would profit more from WVU joining but the Big Ten would be interesting for sure.”


RB Justin Williams 

“I would like to see WVU in the ACC or SEC. There are more exciting opponents and better competition.”

WR Jarel Williams 

“Based on where we’re located you would think possibly the ACC. However, I’m just going to focus on playing for WVU and allow those who are in charge to handle that.”

OL Maurice Hamilton

“I think the ACC would be a great move in my opinion. Playing schools like Clemson, Notre Dame, and Pitt would be a different change and better competition. At the end of the day, we still gonna handle our business.”

OL Landen Livingston 

“It’s been super crazy so far for sure. I’m happy I really focused my decision mainly on West Virginia and not the conference that they compete in. I think going to the ACC would be great. It would reconnect some of our rivals that we’ve played a lot in the past. There are lots of new teams that we would play. They have great competition and proximity-wise, it’s also much closer than some of the schools we play in the Big 12.”

DE Aric Burton 

“I think that the ACC or Big 10 is a good fit for WVU. The competition is very good and I think WVU has a chance. But I think they stay in the Big 12 and be a top 3 team every year. Regardless, I’m a Mountaineer. I chose WVU not because they are in the Big 12, I chose them because of the program.”

LB Raleigh Collins III

“I think I would like to see us end up in the ACC. I feel like location wise it makes more sense. Also a lot of good competition in there as well like Clemson, Miami, Florida State, and UNC. Also could get the rival Pitt game on the schedule.”

S Christion Stokes

“The ACC is where all the rivalry games are and it’s great competition down south. It’ll really test the program’s new class.”

DB Mumu Bin-Wahad

"ACC because of the rivalries."

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