Coach Carey Calls Out West Virginia Fans, and He Isn't Wrong

John Pentol

Head Coach Mike Carey is currently in his 19th season as West Virginia's Women's Basketball coach and has been one of the best coaches in college basketball. Carey is a native of Clarksburg, WV, and in his time in Morgantown has truly turned this program into a legitimate Big 12 contender almost every year. Carey has 696 all time wins as a coach which is a combination of his time at Salem International University (men's basketball) and West Virginia. He has the most wins in West Virginia Women's Basketball history with 408 in 19 seasons.

Despite starting the season 13-1, the Mountaineers have lost seven of their last eight games before winning on Saturday at home versus Texas Tech. But the Mountaineers may of had some extra motivation to play better. Following the game, Coach Carey spoke with the media and had some choice words for Mountaineer fans as a whole.

Carey is from West Virginia, he truly loves this university and the state. "I am from the state, and I love the state of West Virginia, and we don't act like that" He always has the best interest of this program in every decision he makes.

And his words don't just go for the fans of the women's basketball program, these comments can be used towards fans of the football program and the men's basketball program. Fans love to boast when the team is winning but when there is a sign of losing, everyone talks down on the players and coaches.

I understand that fans have the right to criticize, but when you are attacking the players and coaches saying that "they have zero idea what they're doing" remember that Carey has almost 700 career wins and has been coaching basketball since 1980. I also realize that this isn't just the West Virginia fan base, it happens everywhere. No one in their right mind enjoys losing, but at the end of the day the coaches and players want and often times need the support of the fan base - not just during the good times. Carey expressed his frustration over the weekend and hopes to have the fans support at all times.

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Comments (4)
No. 1-2

Some things never change. Look what WVU fans did to Bobby Bowden. Let's learn from history, not repeat it!


"But the Mountaineers may of had some extra motivation to play better."
Two Things:
No. 1: Not completely sure what journalism school you went to, but I believe the phrase you are looking for is 'may HAVE had', there buddy. Just sayin', ya know?
No. 2: When a high quality team with a seemingly highly paid coach appears to under perform (read lose), they can expect some criticism. Justified or not, how they handle that criticism is the difference between a great coach & a mediocre coach imvho.
In over 40 years as a True Blue MOUNTAINEER Fan, I've seen ALL the highs (2010 B-ball) AND lows (2007--you KNOW!) that can be expected. Resilience is important. I trust Carey & Huggs, implicitly as well as explicitly.
When their teams appear to underperform, there WILL be questions. How they answer them is important. We anxiously await the answers. 'Nuff said.

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