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Casino Rama Skins Curling III


RAMA, Ontario – Round one is over, with Team Ferbey eliminating Team Howard $14,000 to $7,000.


Glenn Howard had a draw for two for the victory in the seventh end, but missed. The result was a carryover, and the Ferbs took the final end with last-rock advantage.


Richard Hart: "Best rocks and ice ever at Rama."

As for Wayne Middaugh? Turns out that 1994 was the last time he played a non-skip position... and one of his teammates was Glenn Howard. That's right... the last year of the famous Howard, Howard, Middaugh and Corner squad, Brier and world champs in 1992 and Brier finalists in 1992 and... 1994 (the Rick Folk/Pat Ryan BC combo won it).

Tonight, it's Kevin Martin versus David Murdoch... a world championship rematch. That's at 8:00pm ET on TSN, and TSN HD.

Don't miss it!

[TCN photo by Anil Mungal, click to zoom in]