Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sports Illustrated Magazine going away?

That is a resourding no -- print is not going away! In fact, we are investing in the print edition to ensure we're able to continue to deliver the high quality journalism that you expect from SI. Our print subscribers make up the core of the SI membership family and we will continue to feed your appetite for smart, informed stories that take you inside the world of sports.

How often will Sports Illustrated Magazine be published?

SI returns to its regular monthly publishing schedule beginning with the Summer Olympics Preview, which will be on newsstands and in subscriber mailboxes beginning June 27 (click here to purchase). We look forward to publishing an issue every month after that, including two Double Issues in 2024: the Olympics Preview and the NFL & College Football Preview.

Why was there a delay in publishing SI Magazine?

Earlier this year Minute Media became our publishing partner, taking over all SI editorial operations for the magazine and our digital products. Unfortunately the handover process took a bit longer than we had anticipated and as a result we weren't able to provide an update until now. However, throughout this period of transtiion, the Minute Media and SI teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that our print operations will run smoothly from now on. Our first issue with Minute Media will be our Summer Olympics Preview Double Issue, which is being released on June 27.

Will the quality of the journalism, storytelling, and photography change?

Absolutely not! We still have an amazing team of writers, photographers, and editors with decades of experience between them. With Sports Illustrated celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, we're committed -- now more than ever -- to producing quality, first-in-class content.

Are there any changes to come on

We will continue to cover your favorite sports from all angles -- through thoughtful articles, compelling video, striking photography and much more. With Minute Media as our new publishing partner, we are gearing up for a bright future of even more expansive digital coverage.

What is happening to SI Kids?

As with Sports Illustrated, SI Kids is alive and well in print. We will continue to publish SI Kids six times a year, with the next issue due in homes between July 20 and July 24.

What is happening to SI Swimsuit?

Having just celebrated its 60th anniversary issue and the launch of its digital cover with Alix Earle, SI Swimsuit will continue to create the content fans are looking for -- in print and online.

What is happening to FanNation?

In the weeks to come, FanNation will become On SI. Featuring the localized, team-specific coverage fans crave, On SI will give users a chance to go a layer deeper in their fandom. Working alongside the national coverage of, On SI allows users to engage with content about their hometown teams, favorite players and key storylines.

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