Going CRAZY for Olympic curling

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NOTE: ace TCN blogstar Margo Weber is some nine hours away from arriving in Vancouver to cheer on Canada’s curling teams... and has decided that today’s semifinals are driving her bonkers!


by Margo Weber

AAIIGGHHH! I’m going crazy!

But I’m also pondering. What game is BIGGER... the Semi at the Olympics? Or the Gold Medal Final?

Toughie.... this is a big game this morning for Cheryl Bernard’s Team Canada. Is THIS the biggest game she’ll ever play in her life? Or was it the Olympic Trials Final, just to get here? Or will her big game be the Gold Medal Final... IF they are in it?

Lets see. The Trials win made Team Bernard Olympians. A win today means they are Olympic Medallists, as they are guaranteed gold or silver. Losing may mean not medalling at all. But if they win today, and win tomorrow afternoon... Olympic GOLD medallists.

The lives of Cheryl Bernard, Susan O’Connor, Carolyn Darbyshire and Cori Bartel will be forever changed, regardless. But with Olympic gold...?

Okay, so let’s play a little game.

What would you rather accomplish? Win the Scotties or Brier, represent Canada at the Worlds and WIN it?

... or ...

Represent Canada at the Olympics.... and win, let’s say... the bronze?

Let’s make it tougher. Would you rather go to the Worlds and win gold? Or... go to the Olympics... and not medal at all?

See? Tough little questions for the average curler with an imagination.

Not that any of us HAVE this choice. But a fun game to play nonetheless.

As for the real curling, Cheryl just missed a couple and I’m going crazy AGAIN. It’s a 3-3 tie with the Swiss.

I believe the four most obvious women’s teams made the playoffs. Yay, for me seeing as I have tickets for the gold and bronze games. Couldn’t have turned out more perfect, really, with Sweden, China, Switzerland and Canada. It is the Olympics, and none of these four teams would surprise me. But in my heart I’m feeling some Canadian magic.

As for the mens, yeesh. David Murdoch. I have no words. I don’t.

However, I said after the Trials that Kevin Martin was going to win gold. I’ll stick with that. And I really hope they do. I’ve never really been a Kevin Martin fan, but this week he hasn’t really complained about the rocks or ice. When things go his way he’s pretty likeable to the random spectator. And this team is so good. So, so, so good. And they’re being completely overshadowed by Cheryl Bernard... so go get ’em boys!

I wonder if they’ll do the medal ceremonies at the arena or at BC Place? I didn’t get tickets for BC Place, gotta look into that.

Now excuse me, I have to go try on my life-sized Canada flag. Hope it still fits.

[Photo of Team Switzerland copyright The Curling News by Anil Mungal. Click to increase size]