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Drop Spots and Teams to Watch for in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

  • Teams in the ALGS pre-select where they will drop so they can practice in scrims prior to the event.
  • Group stage play will take place on Thursday July 13th and Friday July 14th.
  • World’s Edge and Storm Point are the two maps that will be used for competitive play in the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs.

If you’re a fan of Apex Legends and the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs is the first time you’re planning to tune in, you’ll see the game played a bit differently than you’re used to. Unlike in trios or sometimes even ranked, half the lobby doesn’t aim for Fragment on World’s Edge to farm kills.

For pros in the Apex Legends Global Series, points are the lifeblood of the game and placement points are a safer option than trying to rack up kills. As a result, you’ll often see 15 or more teams still alive in Round 4 or even Round 5. That’s because in the ALGS, teams know where everyone is landing so they can practice rotations and looting beyond just the first possible fight off drop.

Here are some of the teams and drop spots you should keep an eye on during the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs.

Aurora Gaming vs ONIC Esports

Both of these teams are in Group A and have chosen the same drop spot on Storm Point, which means they’ll be contesting one another for half the matches of the group stages. At best, this works out well for one of these teams as they get three early kill points, but at worst, they both harm each other's chances at wracking up enough points to make it past the group stages.

Ship Fall is not a great POI to drop for a single team, let alone two teams. It’s a wide area with some access to Prowlers, but that also makes it very easy to get surprised by another team. If the ring is pulling far north, both Aurora and ONIC will be in for a very long game if they don’t take each other out first.

But they do both have access to decent rotation options to avoid one another, they just run the risk of running into other teams in the process.

Aurora Gaming vs DarkZero Esports

Even on World’s Edge, Aurora Gaming has chosen an interesting and challenging place to drop alongside two-time champions, DarkZero Esports in Harvester. DarkZero can be a very aggressive team and the Harvester POI isn’t the best place to share loot.

With this POI being located in the center of the map, Aurora has plenty of places to choose where they’d like to rotate to, but between a possible ONIC contest on Storm Point and a DarkZero contest on World’s Edge, they’re going to have to fight for every inch they can get in London.

Fire Beavers take Free Fragment

Anyone who's played Apex Legends for any length of time knows that Fragment in World’s Edge is one of the most popular drops in all of the maps. But the Fire Beavers get it all to themselves for every single game, except in Group B v C where they’re being contested by MDY White.

Monument and Fragment are more than big enough to accommodate two teams. But this is a great start for Fire Beavers in all other matches as they’ll come out of this POI full kitted and with great rotation options. Their only real worry is going to be who is coming in behind them based on the direction the ring pulls.

Vexed vs FaZe Clan

Storm Point matches for Group C vs D are going to be wild, especially down in Launch Pad where both Vexed Gaming and FaZe Clan are landing. The Launch Pad is a great place for loot and resources and will often have enough to support two teams. There are plenty of ways out of this POI, so the two teams don’t have to fight.

Snip3down and the FaZe Clan aren’t pushovers, but they have struggled with early contests in international scrims. This potential clash with Vexed could cause them some trouble in the long run or give them a good early start for kill points.

TSM With Prep Time

ImperialHal and TSM have two solid POI’s in the Wall on Storm Point and Lava Siphon on World’s Edge. Both of these spots have some top tier loot, amazing rotation options and they’re completely uncontested on the drop.

This should mean that TSM has all the time they’d need to get kitted, decide on a rotation option and be ready to rumble whenever someone crosses their path. The Wall on Storm Point could be interesting depending on where the circle pulls and they could find themselves needing to fight through teams to get into the circle, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Ultimately, TSM’s biggest hurdle to overcome this weekend is going to be TSM themselves. They’ve proved time and time again that they have the skill to win titles and they’re the defending champions from the Split 1 Playoffs.

Alliance is Set for Success

Alliance is another team that is completely set up to dominate in the group stages. They took first place in their region for the Pro League and they have some great drop spots. On Storm Point they’re dropping far north in Lightning Rod which has plenty of decent loot for them, but will likely end with quite a few cross country treks to the ring.

They are contested by FURIA in Group A v D which could prove to be a very interesting start for these teams.

But the real ace up their sleeves is going to be their uncontested Thermal Station on World’s Edge. Thermal Station has some great loot and a large number of final circles pull towards it. Given their play style and defensive options with running Newcastle, they’re poised for high placement if the ring is in their favor.

Where to Watch the ALGS: 2023 Split 2 Playoffs?

The Apex Legends Global Series 2023: Split 2 Playoffs are happening on July 13th through July 16th. The group stages are set for July 13th and 14th, with bracket stages following on July 15th and the finals on July 16th.

The event will take place in London and can be watched live on the official Play Apex Twitch Channel or the official Apex Legends Global Series YouTube Channel.