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Finding the best drop spot in a battle royale like Apex Legends is the first vital decision you have to make on your road to becoming champion. It’ll determine how far you have to possibly travel to get back into the zone, how many teams you’ll encounter and most importantly, how good is your loot going to be. We’ve picked out the five best places to land in Storm Point, introduced back in Season 11 (Revelry).

Downed Beast

Added in Season 13 (Saviors) with Newcastle, the Downed Beast is one of the most interesting locations not just on Storm Point, but in Apex Legends. It’s a big enough POI to fully equip your entire squad if uncontested. If you get lucky enough to also have a Crafting Replicator handy, you can leave this POI strapped to the gills and kitted well beyond most other teams during the first ring.

It’s separated into several small sections that can serve to house a few squads for early fights or late game fights. Between the inside of the beast, the top of the beast and three to four surrounding sections, it’s a massive POI. While there’s no loot on top of it, it’s one of the most commanding positions in the location.

It also has guaranteed high tier loot, usually golden, in the belly of the beast. You can almost always find a gold weapon and gold equipment (helmet, knockdown or armor) or purple equipment here.

Beyond the loot itself, Downed Beast offers a lot of very strong rotation options. If for some reason you don’t find what all of what you’re looking for, the Mill is another great location for loot and can be easy to push into depending on where the enemy is located. Taking one of the two mill structures gives you an anchor, or you can use the houses to the west to take shots and poke until you get a good break or knock.

Checkpoint is located directly across from Down Beast and even though there’s a lot of open ground, North Pad is a perfectly viable rotation option with lots of ways to access and get anchored if another party is already there.

Launch Pad

A popular spot for Apex Legends players on Storm point, located on the far eastern side of the map in the mid-field is Launch Pad. It has a similar design to North Pad, but is a much more viable spot to drop for a few reasons. It has two extra buildings for looting and playing defensively than North Pad does. It’s also connected to more POIs such as Gale Station, Fish Farm and Antenna. Plus, the unnamed POIs like the houses and prowlers above it and the small station near the Gravity Cannon are more interesting to play than the wide open fields around North Pad.

Launch Pad can easily fit two teams between the buildings and the docks and if you drop alone you should leave very well kitted. The bridge above the docks also gives any snipers in your party a quick way to find something with range. Like any good drop spot, Launch Pad can sometimes have a Crafting Replicator and if you need early shields or better attachments you have access to a Prowler Den to the North and South East and two Spider Nests to the North East. It’s always risky letting your guard down to farm these monsters, but these locations are so far East, usually you don’t have to worry about it, especially if the ring is on the far west.


One of the most out of the way places on any Apex Legends map, this drop spot can be very powerful but may also leave you playing cross country simulator. Like all good drops spots it has many of the important traits of a good POI; plenty of loot, lots of rotation options and many ways to approach your enemies.

With a Crafting Replicator spawn you should always leave this POI with plenty of Shield Batteries. There are a lot of smaller POIs within Cenote that will get your squad kitted out in no time and you have access to a Prowler Den and two Spider Nests. One of those Spider Nests is a hidden gem among the Storm Point map.

The Spider Nest in the caves between Cenote and Mill will almost always guarantee you anywhere from 3 blue evo armors, to 1 blue and 2 purple evo armors. It’s a great place to drop to make you have shields, but the weapon options can be a toss up. If you have time and a generous ring, you should always rotate from Cenote through this Spider Nest.


One of the more unique drop spots in Apex Legends Storm Point map is the Antenna. It can sometimes be frustrating to play if you’re dropping in contested. Even dropping in uncontested you’re not likely to leave this POI fully geared. But between the Antenna itself and the three buildings on the outskirts, you can be ready to take on enemy squads.

What’s best about Antenna is that it gives you a lot of great rotation options and if you’re feeling spicy, a few places to level up your evo shields a bit or find more attachments. Landing Antenna likely puts you inside the ring and if it’s pulling to the south eastern side of the map, you can be one of the first teams to rotate in and claim your spot.

You’ll have Prowlers in Jurassic Park to fight if you’d like, or the tunnel to complete your loadout as not many people drop into the Prowler Enclosure as a POI. But be warned, rotating out of Antenna can usually find you engagements very quickly. Whether people are pushing through Jurassic Park, rotating out of Launch Pad, or coming up from Ship Fall, you should always be ready for an engagement mid-rotation from Antenna.


The Wall is definitely a player favorite drop spot in Storm Point for Apex Legends players. It doesn’t have some of the best rotation options in the game, but it has a superb quality of loot that can sometimes sustain two teams, but if you drop into Wall with no other enemy squads you’ll be leaving packing major heat.

It’s got access to some Spider Nests to the East, Prowler Dens to the North and West and the IMC Bunker to the west, but in a lot of cases you won’t need those. It’s usually best to avoid them anyhow as they bring unwanted attention with your guard down.

In most cases you’ll end up rotating south out of the Wall down toward Cascade or in through the Command Center. In most cases, if you survived the Wall, you should be more than prepared to take on any teams you meet in either location.

Finally, if the Wall ends up being the location of the final circle, it’s a great place to sit defensively and wait for your enemies to have to push into you with superior cover and positioning.

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