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These Are the Best Apex Legends Teams in the World — Apex Global Power Rankings 2023

The community has spoken. A panel of experts created the community power rankings for Apex Legends teams going into the ALGS Championship 2023

The community's competitive Apex Global Rankings for the 2023 season before the Championship has been revealed.

The Power Rankings are based on the AP Top 25 rankings, determined by a selective panel from throughout the Apex Legends community. According to the official ALGS World Championship Power Rankings guidelines, panelists have to consider “what these teams would look like in a LAN environment right now” and their chances of “getting there.”

Panelists all place the Apex Legends teams in order, with the number one team getting 25 points from them and one lower point all the way down the list. Then, the points are tallied up to reveal which team is considered the strongest and which is the weakest.

Some of the panelists for Year 3 include porcupine9627 and Aluka from Liquipedia, casters and creators ElbenGateGaming, ApexStatus Hugo, and Tom, community members Diet Fanta, PalkiaOW, MachuMichu, Krusade, bloopcity, Swannie96, RaileyX, SGRui, Ametora, Bereft, TONYPIKACHU, and Sberryma, and moderators Tobric, Lazerknighta, Jean9430, djb2spirit, Karbasher, Gandalf, and JurorNumberEight.

The Best Apex Legends Teams in Apex Global Rankings Power Rankings

The top 10 teams in the Power rankings are as follows:

  1. TSM
  2. DarkZero
  3. Alliance
  4. OpTic Gaming
  5. Moist Esports
  6. XSET
  7. Oxygen
  8. NRG
  10. FaZe Clan

The reactions from the Apex Legends competitive scene have left the community rolling. While the rankings are serious, all of the organizations have been good sports about the whole thing. TSM’s star player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen joked that DarkZero “sucks,” which got fans hyped about the teams’ rivalry. Some pointed out that DarkZero recently won the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, so TSM will have to fight to remain in the top spot.

XSET’s Nicholas "Sikezz" Odom tweeted in agreement at being put at number six on the list, seeming to accept their recently underwhelming performance. But fans felt that XSET was put far too low on the list, with some noting they should be number three or four.

Check out the full rankings here