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You may have noticed a small patch update to Apex Legends on the 10th or 11th as Respawn pushed out a quick update to fix a couple problems in the popular battle royale. While the changes aren’t anything that will affect the majority of the player base there are a few substantial ones that the players who were affected will be happy to see.

Apex Legends April 10th Patch Notes

  • Echo now spawns in the correct location while deployed.

Vantage’s little winged friend, Echo the Bat, is a great tactical ability for when she needs to move fast, relocate and generally just get away from the action or a dangerous situation. But a bug was causing Echo to spawn pretty far away instead of wherever it is that the player was directing the bat. It caused a lot of frustrating problems for Vantage mains, but the problem has finally been addressed.

  • Belgian accounts can now purchase Sun Squad Skins.

By the time you read this the Sun Squad Collection event will likely be over and players in Belgium only just got the ability to purchase the limited time cosmetics. There seems to have been some kind of bug that prevented Belgium players from purchasing any of the skins in the new collection event.

  • Splash Zone Flatline has received updated iron sights.

When the Sun Squad Collection event was released some players were excited to see that the new Splash Zone Flatline skin has expanded, open iron sights similar to the old Heat Sink Flatline skin. Players immediately started calling it a pay-to-win skin since it gave you a much better sight line than the default iron sights. But Apex Legends was quick to note it would be changed at the very end of the event.

The April 10th Apex Legends Patch also reverted the buttons for Removing and Transferring Attachments on guns. There may be some other balances and bug fixes in the patch as well. Last week the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League was canceled and rescheduled. Some theorize it may have to do with the Trials POI on World’s Edge being bugged and not giving loot when completed. One of the top tier NA squads lands there and it would put them at a severe disadvantage, so hopefully that bug was fixed in the patch as well.