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The Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event is finally here and all of the cosmetics are actually brand new and really freaking cool. The event includes some long awaited and sought after summer wear and swimsuit themed skins. Plus, Ash’s Heirloom is confirmed and it is a pair of Nunchaku. Along with the Sun Squad Collection Event plays will be treated to a new Limit Time Mode called Heat Wave. Check out the trailer and details below.

Sun Squad Trailer

The Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event trailer features Mirage as the usual narrator as the Legends are taking some time to hang out, grill and party around the Mirage à trois in Storm Point's Fish Farms. The big draws of the event are Ash’s Heirloom, 24 new cosmetics to collect including some summer wear and swimsuits (yea, Loba got a swimsuit skin) and the Heat Wave LTM. There’s also a free item tracker as well.

Ash’s Heirloom

Ash is the silent assassin and there were all kinds of speculation about what her Heirloom might be. She’s gotten something pretty original that hasn’t been done in Apex Legends yet, her set of Nunchaku, the Strongest Link. It boasts all kinds of cool hidden animations and secret easter eggs.

It can extend and become electrified, it also has two blades that pop out of the bottom of each side. And by the time the content creators get it on Tuesday, March 28th when the event launches they’ll have videos showcasing every single animation.

New Loba Swimsuit Skin and more

All of the new skins are summer, water and beach themed, including the long rumored Loba Swimsuit skin, which is pretty modest compared to what some of the Apex Legends community has dreamed up. In fact, Seer is showing quite a bit more skin than our translocating thief is.

All Legends to get Legendary and Epic skins are Fuse with a Hawaiin shirt theme, Ash, Mirage and Catalyst with a scuba-diving and wet-suit theme, Seer and Loba with their beach wear and Newcastle with a heavily armored Lifeguard skin.

Along with those are some beach themed weapon skins that all look like water guns, including the Wingman, a Flatline and Havoc.

Heat Wave: Limited Time Mode

The newest Limited Time Mode to hit Apex Legends is called Heat Wave and it’s all about beating the summer sun and escaping the heat. This mode plays just like normal trios, but occasionally a heat wave will happen and if you’re outdoors and not in the shade, you’ll take damage.

Taking cover under objects or going indoors until it has passed will shield you and allow you to heal. The other way to keep protected is to grab a set of sunglasses out of care package drops or drop a good old heatshield, which is bigger and stronger during the LTM.

Sunglasses from a care package in Apex Legends for the new Heat Wave Limited Time Event in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

 Sunglasses from a care package in Apex Legends for the new Heat Wave Limited Time Event in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

Event Store Details

As always the Collection Event Store is filled with new deals and olds skins you may have missed. If you’re looking to get the Ash Heirloom as cheap as possible, you’ll want to buy the Shoreline Savior and Sub-Mirage bundle after crafting or getting all of the Epic-level Cosmetics first so guarantee every pack you open is a Legendary.

Some of the returning Apex Legends skins over the next few weeks include Wraith’s Neon Spectre, Horizon’s Galactic Guardian, Lifeline’s Breach and Clear and many more.

Other Patch Notes

The Sun Squad Collection Event isn’t the only thing changing up the game for Apex Legends. Along with it a new Split starts for ranked which means replicator weapon changes as well.

The Volt and the Longbow DMR are both back on ground loot and the Eva-8 Shotgun and the 30-30 Repeater Marksman weapon are going into the replicator.

Along with her new Heirloom, the Strongest Link, Ash got a buff to her tactical ability the Arc Snare. The cooldown for it has been decreased by 5 seconds to 20 and the travel speed has been nearly doubled from 700 to 1200. Finally, the tether activation delay and snare grow time has been decreased by about 50% which should make the Arc Snare reliably hit intended targets.

There were also a few quality-of-life updates and quite a few bug fixes as well. For the full breakdown check out the official patch note releases for the Sun Squad Collection Event. The event starts on March 28th and concludes on April 11th.