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Remember Apex Legends Mobile? Probably not. EA stopped developing the mobile version of its popular battle royale earlier this year, disappointing many fans. Instead, High Energy Heroes is hoping to capitalize on the hype.

The game, developed by Tencent, is a battle royale inspired by Apex Legends with similar-looking heroes and the same overall gameplay mechanics. A recent gameplay trailer showed off some of these similarities, including a robot much like Pathfinder and a jetpack-clad hero similar to Valkyrie.

Like Apex Legends, there’s a circle that’s slowly closing in, damaging heroes who don’t manage to get inside of it each round. There’s also a lot of teamwork, gunfights, and shield abilities on display in the trailer. But unlike Apex Legends, a lot of gameplay in the trailer appears to take place in the air or on top of tall buildings. The Wraith-like hero is even seen creating portals mid-air.

Some early gameplay footage has also shown a map very similar to the ones in Apex Legends, including layout but also overall design and appearance. Teams race around an expansive map and explore buildings to find loot, which is either on the ground or inside crates. The sound effects are also very similar, including gunshots, equipping weapons, and even downing an enemy.

Fans around the world are pretty intrigued by the game after what they’ve seen online. The anime-inspired appearances of the heroes, including women with neon hair and guys with threatening dark auras, is definitely a fun twist on Apex Legends. The fast-paced gameplay also seems enticing, with its blend of defensive abilities and aggressive pushing.

How to Play High Energy Heroes

If you’re hoping to get your hands on High Energy Heroes, it may be a bit tricky right now.

The mobile battle royale has been on Chinese mobile app stores for a few months and there’s already been 10 million pre-registrations in the country. A recent leak from SARGE has pointed at a release date of September 21, 2023 — but that’s in China only.

If you don’t live in China, you can’t register for High Energy Heroes at this time. There is no global release date yet.