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Apex Legends Season 17 is coming on May 9, bringing a new legend along with it. But aside from Ballistic, you can also expect map changes, ranked changes, and weapon changes — all the changes.

Every season comes with a lot of new content and Season 17 is no exception. This includes a Limited Time Mode. But this time around, Respawn Entertainment is asking Apex Legends players to choose which LTM to bring back for Season 17: Arsenal.

The developers took to Twitter to ask fans to vote on one of the following:

  • Control
  • TDM
  • Gun Run

“Which mode is your favorite? Vote and you might be able to play it to your heart's content throughout the duration of the event,” the official page reads.

On the same page, developers have simply included three choices.


Fan-favorite Control is the first choice. This mode allows legends to respawn quite quickly every time they die. Every time you die, you can choose a new legend or loadout before you return to switch up the team’s strategy.

Teams win Control by, well, controlling zones. You get points for every second you have control of a zone and you can own more than one zone at a time. The first team to reach 1,250 points wins.


Team Deathmatch is always a popular LTM in any shooter, stripping away the battle royale strategy and focusing on mechanics and gunplay. Two teams of six will duke it out to get 30 eliminations first. While aggressive, TDM cannot be won if you keep getting shot yourself so have a plan in mind.

Gun Run

Gun Run is a fun twist on the iconic Gun Game mode you see in shooters. It’s the same in that your gun changes every time you kill an enemy as you attempt to be the first one to get a kill with every gun in the mode. The final 25th weapon is a throwing knife.

In Gun Run, there are four teams of three competing against each other. This adds an element of teamwork to the classic solo playstyle of Gun Game. If a teammate is at the eighth weapon and you just get a kill, you’ll jump up to the ninth weapon.

You don’t need an account or to sign into anything to vote. Simply click on the game mode that appeals to you.

The poll is currently open and you can submit a vote until May 8 at 8 AM PST.

It’s impossible to know which LTM will win. The replies on Twitter have fans excited for all game modes. But it’s looking like TDM is the most popular option so far, so expect it to return in Season 17.