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The Mixtape playlist was added earlier this year, bringing a rotating list of limited time game modes to players that want to have some casual fun. The LTMs come from the entire history of the battle royale, making the modes you get hit or miss depending on your taste.

Unfortunately, however, you can’t leave the game modes you don’t like.

Apex Legends Players Conflicted With Mixtape Playlist Penalties

When Mixtape first came out, developers noticed that players were leaving matches quite often. This would leave teams with missing players and frustrating experiences. To combat this, developers implemented a penalty where players would get punished for leaving matches.

This fix seemed like a no-brainer. But many Apex Legends players soon expressed annoyance with the penalties.

On Reddit, an Apex Legends player explained that they couldn’t leave a match that had farming teammates and some missing players because they didn’t want to get punished.

“Can’t leave or else I’ll be banned for 10 minutes. So much fun,” the player ranted.

The post quickly gained momentum in the Apex Legends community, with many agreeing that the punishments did more harm than good. Mixtape and its game modes are supposed to be fun, so why have such strict punishments for players that don’t feel like playing a match they don’t like?

One player pointed out that pubs don’t have penalties, allowing players to leave the moment they’re eliminated. Another noted that developers should create a system where players can’t be punished for leaving if there are already teammates missing.

Said one Redditor: “Honestly, a penalty only makes sense if you also add working backfill. A penalty doesn't stop bots, doesn't stop people from disconnecting, and if someone's rage quitting for the day, they don't care either. Penalty literally only affects the legit players who want to get out of a bad game.”

Added another player: “I just hate how I sometimes get a penalty for getting kicked from the game. It ends before I can rejoin then I have to wait 10 minutes for something out of my control.”

While many people were frustrated with the addition of the penalty, one player pointed out that Mixtape has actually been better. The player noted that they have seen less people leaving matches now that there’s a penalty.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t responded to the mixed discussion on the Mixtape penalty but gamers are hoping that they can find a balance that won’t leave both sides as frustrated.