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Apex Legends is one of the most diverse video games on the market, even outside of the battle royal and hero shooter genres. They’ve recently added Catalyst, one of the first openly transgendered characters for a triple A game. They’ve showcased lesbian and gay relationships in major lore reveals and have confirmed several characters with non-conforming gender identities. As much as we love seeing these relationships bloom in comics, voice lines and more…we’re thirsty, Respawn. And we want more.

Here’s a few of our relationship ideas we’d love to see come true and live beyond the desperate threads of Reddit.

The Throuple - Bangalore, Loba and Valkyrie

The Apex Legends world watched on with baited breath and breaking hearts in Season 9 (Legacy) when Bangalore was infected by the Medusa Vines and Loba sought to capture her heart and start a budding romantic relationship with a life saving cure.

But during the mission, Valkyrie started to flirt with Loba and when they got back just in time to hear Bangalore’s infamous, “We’re just friends.” The daughter of Viper was there to catch the translocating thief when she fell.

But Bangalore needs justice! She deserves happiness, especially after all the recent drama with her brother returning and he has a whole new family and life. Recent voice lines and story from Season 14 (Hunted) suggest the Loba and Valkyrie ship could be on the rocks.

Valkyrie wants Loba to lay her vendetta against Revenant to rest, but she doesn’t seem to be able to let it go. When she finds out Valkyrie worked with Revenant? It’s likely over…but Bangalore and Valkyrie together could be enough to convince Loba to seek happiness instead of revenge. Or the three could just go throw Revenant and his head off a cliff together!

Either way, let these three ladies all have happiness!

Did you feel that Spark? - Wattson and Crypto

Early on when Crypto was first introduced in Apex Legends there was definitely chemistry between Wattson and Crypto. Whether it was just a friendship or something that could’ve blossomed into something more…we’ll likely never know because Caustic is a big, dumb, meddler!

While spying on the Legends for Revenant, someone was getting close to finding him out so he did the only logical thing anyone in position would do. Blame it on the obvious hacker. Which everyone believed and Crypto, the obvious hacker apparently had no way of disproving?

And Wattson believed the big stinky, gas man. Since then, we haven’t really seen much in the way of a Wattson and Crypto relationship, but those two nerds were just made for one another! Please, Respawn, Caustic and Crypto had a moment in Season 9 (Legacy) and kind of found a bit of respect. Caustic needs to come clean with Wattson and get this ship back on the water.

Dark Spark - Wattson and Wraith

If the Wattson and Crypto thing doesn’t become a thing, though, we can always fall back on the tried and true Dark Spark theory. So far, there are a lot of confirmed sexualities and preferences in Apex Legends, but we don’t have either for Wattson and Wraith.

What we do have for the two W’s is just enough bait to whip up a bit of copium for this delightful relationship with a little bit of edge and a whole lot of smiles. There’s been a lot of small hints in comics and teasers that there’s a deep bond between Wattson and Wraith.

In the Pathfinder’s Quest book there’s a nice little revelation that a ‘ghost’ saves Wattson from an electrical fire, long before the Apex Games. Wattson’s a smart one and has probably put two and two together since then and it’s very easy to fall in love with those who save your life.

The biggest thread of hope the Dark Spark had was back in Season 6 (Boosted) when Apex Legends posted a picture of Wattson asleep at her desk. In it you can see on the far right a replica of Wraith’s Heirloom and in the middle, a photo reel from a photo booth. In it the two get progressively closer with the last photo being torn off. Could it have gotten a bit spicy and now Wattsoon looks back on it with embarrassment?

Alas, in Season 14 (Hunted) when talking with Vantage, Wattson describes Wraith ‘like family’, so the future of Dark Spark seems, well, dark.

Three’s Company - Mirage and Rampart

There isn’t much solid lore in Apex Legends to suggest any kind of romantic relationship between Mirage and Rampart, but there’s plenty for a solid foundation of some kind. When Rampart first came on the scene they ended up becoming roommates since Rampart needed a place to stay after her shop was totaled.

There is also an interesting voice line in the game where Rampart says to Mirage, “You’re lucky you’re handsome because you’re not very smart.” Which suggests that there is at least a base level of attraction. The question is whether or not Mirage would ever realize it because he is definitely the kind of guy to say, “No one ever flirts with me. I’d know if they did.” When he would in fact, not be able to recognize flirting from a mile away.

The two have a relationship built on teasing, bullying and constantly poking and prodding at each other that will always leave players shouting at their screen, “JUST KISS ALREADY!”

Both Sides of Beauty - Seer and Catalyst

Another relationship we’d love to see happen in Apex Legends, but there’s not currently much lore to go on, is something between Catalyst and Seer. Catalyst is an openly transgender woman and Seer is confirmed as pansexual (but not the only one in the hero shooter genre). We have no concrete evidence on if Catalyst is gay, lesbian or bi-sexual.

So, until we get confirmation, we’re hoping the rivalry between the two from Season 15 (Eclipse) could blossom into something more. They both have a deep love for their home planet and moon, but the way they fight for it is a bit different. The reason we believe that those differences could bring them together is because they do want the same thing and their ideologies aren’t opposed.

Seer learned through the Season 15 Story-line that a lot of people close to him didn’t agree with his place, even before Silva twisted it and made Seer look like the bad guy. At the end of the narrative Seer and Catalyst share a silent moment of understanding that could easily become something if the two were so inclined.

Love is Blind - Pathfinder and Revenant

Okay, now here us out! There is absolutely nothing in the Apex Legends lore that would suggest this relationship will ever happen, but Pathfinder is such a good guy and he has nothing but love for everyone. We already know he sees Ash as his best girl friend. And even though he doesn’t deserve it, maybe it’s the unrelenting kindness and love from a Pathfinder that could show Revenant there’s more to life than stalking Loba.

If Pathfinder ever decided that he could use a best boy friend as well, Revenant would be the most hilarious choice. But, Mirage might get a little jealous, even though he’d never admit it.