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Is Apex Legends Doing A Rework with Revenant Reborn?

  • Revenant may be getting a rework done soon that the community is calling Revenant Reborn.
  • If true, Revenant will be getting an entirely new ability kit replacing his current passive, tactical and ultimate ability.
  • The Revenant rework may be centered around a new collection event and based on major narrative moment.

The Synthetic Assassin in Apex Legends may be getting a full makeover and re-work as rumors and leaks of a Revenant Reborn continue to circle. Revenant was introduced as a simulacrum-made assassin, a synthetic being with the mind of a human that could never truly die because there were so many copies of him. He’s not one of the most popular Legends, but he’s not on the bottom either. So why is Respawn Entertainment thinking about giving him a second life?

Is Revenant Getting a Rework?

While there has been no hard confirmation from Apex Legend’s developer Respawn Entertainment yet, all the major content creators, dataminers and leakers have been talking about Revenant Reborn for a few months.

Big names in the content creation world like Thordan Smash have done numerous videos on a possible Revenant Rework, referred to as Revenant Reborn, that includes a brand new kit of abilities, a possible new re-designed look and even an event centered around it.

Until Respawn Entertainment makes some kind of official announcement, it’s all still speculation. But the reasoning behind the suspected change could also have something to do with a major lore or narrative reveal.

How is Revenant Changing?

How exactly is Revenant being reborn or reworked in Apex Legends? It’s not uncommon in online competitive video games, battle royale or otherwise, for a character to get a major overhaul to the way they work.

This is usually done when a character has an extremely low pick rate or the developers decide that their kit is outdated or doesn’t reflect the design choices or philosophy of the game as strongly as it did at its inception.

According to the rumors and leaks, Revenant’s biggest changes are coming to his kit. Again, keep in mind none of this has been confirmed yet by Respawn Entertainment but the alleged chances are to his Passive Ability, Tactical Ability and Ultimate Ability. So Revenant could be on track to become a completely new character.

Passive Ability: Wall Run

His passive ability currently lets him climb up walls with no limitations. His new passive ability is rumored to allow him to wall run, similar to Titanfall 1 and 2. If this change does go through, depending on if it has any limitations, it could make Revenant one of the best movement Legends in the game. He’d also be more in line with a skirmisher than an assault legend.

Tactical Ability: Hook Shot

His tactical ability currently fires a grenade-like cluster that deals a little bit of damage and silences a target's ability usage. His new tactical ability is a grappling hook, but it's use differs from that of Pathfinder. Instead of allowing Revenant to swing around like Pathfinder does, this will simply pull you straight to the location you choose. So it is a mix between Pathfinder’s grapple and Vantage’s Echo ability.

Ultimate Ability: Void Grenade

Finally, his ultimate ability Death Totem is being replaced with an ability that will allow him to toss out a small area of effect grenade that sends anyone hit by it into the void. The animations used in most videos covering this show an effect similar to Wraith’s Into the Void ability. But others have speculated that you may still be able to fight while you’re in the void with other players.

Is there more to Revenant Reborn?

During the exclusive media day event prior to Season 17 of Apex Legends launching, the developers of Respawn Entertainment said they have something special planned for Arsenal. But they couldn’t share any details yet except that it would be coming later in the season.

While this is mostly speculation, with the increased rumors and leaks of Revenant Reborn and an upcoming event code-named Hitman, it’s possible fans can look forward to a new Collection Event. This event will likely be centered around Revenant, an assassin himself, and could push a new narrative forward between him and Loba.

In the current game lore, Revenant is responsible for assassinating Loba’s parents. This set Loba on the path for revenge at a very young age. She joined the Apex Games just to exact her revenge. She wanted to kill Revenant, but in order to do that she needed the item that controlled his ability to replicate.

She was able to get it in Season 5, but realized that she and Revenant had the same goal. He was tired and wanted it all to end. She wanted him to suffer and so she’s been holding onto it ever since.

It’s possible that the Revenant Reborn or rework could center around him getting a new body when his simulacrum is destroyed. The event could return him to more of a mortal form, as opposed to the essentially immortal state he’s in now as a simulacrum.

We’ll hopefully learn more later this month when the Hitman-themed event is set to run around June 20th.